|Atlas| "I Aim To Keep You Alive."

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Your H/L H/C hair swung casually, side to side in a ponytail as you continued to walk around the remains of Rapture

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Your H/L H/C hair swung casually, side to side in a ponytail as you continued to walk around the remains of Rapture. Your quiet footsteps didn't fail to echo continuously throughout the corridor.

Rapture was not a place you wanted to be. Yet you were stuck here. Working for a man going by the name of Atlas. Atlas worked you to death. You didn't know; he unintentionally had begun to fall for you.

However.. The problem with that was, the two of you were entirely different. He was a hot-head, he easily got angry. You always kept your 'cool.' He was harsh. You hated what he'd do to the Little Sisters, Harvesting them rather than helping them. He spoke with an Irish accent; you talked with a British accent. You were soft, kind. He. well. He was the complete opposite.

He sent you out for some Adam. You knew what that meant. You'd have to harvest some Little Sisters. You sighed continuing to walk through the tunnels of the once beautiful Rapture. You swiped your key card walking into a large derelict room; wallpaper began to peel from the walls. The floor wasn't even complete anymore. The staircase was none existent all that was there was a door. Loud metallic footsteps filled the room. You paced towards it noticing a Big Daddy.

Being the kind person you were you slowly approached it placing your gun to the side. It looked towards you yellow circles flickering. You gulped and looked towards the Little Sister smiling. You sat down and held your hand out to her.

"Hello. I'm Y/N. It's okay; I'm not here to hurt you." You looked towards the Big Daddy. "I promise I won't hurt her." The Daddies eyes went red once the Little Sister began to walk towards you. You quickly shuffled back until the Little Sister looked towards the Big Daddy.

"Don't hurt her." She said softly, with a smile.

She looked back towards you and reached her hand out towards you. You took it gently; you smiled taking your other hand placing it on top of her hand.

"You're nice miss."

"Thank you."

"Normal people hurt Daddy and me."

You frowned. "I'm sorry." You pulled her into a gentle hug. You breathed in and placed your hand on the side of her head. She struggled in your grip. The Daddy roared charging at you. You sealed your eyes.

"Thank you, miss." You opened your eyes to see the same girl, however more, human now smiling in front of you. "I'll see you soon Daddy." She looked towards the large figure.

You didn't agree with harvesting Little Sisters, you helped them instead and gave them back their lives. You were lucky to have been given the power to do it. The green eyes looked towards you before it gently picked you up. You looked at the Big Daddy and smiled.

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