Chapter 20

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PS: What do you think about the new covers to This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun and Hunt Me Down?

PS: What do you think about the new covers to This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun and Hunt Me Down?

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I took a deep breath before I pushed the front door and entered the Reed's house. Hearing the TV, I headed for the living room, my nerves tightening with each step. I almost slumped to the floor in relief when I walked in and saw only Hunt and Nat snuggled on the couch.

You'll have to face her at some point, I reminded myself, clutching the silvery bracelet I'd found on the floor of my room.

"Hey," I greeted and Nat turned to me with a smile and slightly flushed cheeks.

"Hi," he returned.

Hunter just nodded, his eyes on the boxing match on the TV and his hand stroking Nathaniel's arm over the dark blue sleeve of the younger boy's cardigan.

"How come Val is missing the match?" I asked, sitting at the edge of a sofa.

"What did you do?" Hunter's eyes were still on the screen. Nat raised his eyebrows at him.

"He sounds nervous," Hunt answered his boyfriend's unspoken question.

"I didn't do anything," I muttered, casting my gaze downward at my hands. "I just found Val's bracelet and came to return it to her."

"Mhm." Hunter didn't sound convinced.

"She's upstairs, in her room," Nat said, looking contemplative.

"Let them deal with it on their own." Hunt placed a kiss on top of my childhood friend's forehead.

"There's nothing to deal with," I insisted as I got up. "I'll just... Say hi and return her bracelet..."

... And try not to feel like I pervert as I attempt to convince her that she didn't walk on me pleasuring myself last night.

"So, yeah..." I went on, rubbing the back of my neck with my bracelet-free hand. "I'll just go up now and do that."

"Mhm," Hunter repeated.

"Yeah..." I said.

"Okay." Nat waited to see if I'd finally move.

I cleared my throat.

"I'm going now." I gave them a half-hearted wave and then traipsed up the stairs, taking deeper and deeper breaths as I neared Vallery's room.

I lifted my hand, closed my eyes, told myself that I'd done nothing wrong and deserved to be acquitted, and knocked on the door.


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