The Troublesome Tale of Ivy Vine

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Alex is just an ordinary boy

Ivy is an extraordinary girl

What a pair they make.


When a girl moves into the house next door, Alex's uneventful, slightly lonely life changes.

Whether it changes for the better or for the worse is very highly debetable and Alex is completely unsure of what to think of the mysterious girl called Ivy Vine.

The girl who dislikes people and prefers the company of ferrets,

the girl who eats too much strawberry jam,

the girl who sings like an angel and likes to sleeps under the stars,

the girl who peels the lables and stereotypes off people and won't let anyone judge her.

The girl Alex might just fall in love with...

♥♡Hey there! This is going to be my new story. I seriously doubt anyone will read it, but I'm going to keep writing no matter what. If anyone is reading this then, thank you! I'm not going to harrass you about voting and commenting, but if you feel the need to do so, please don't refrain.

xoxoxo- Bec♡♥

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