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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 25 - I thought three was a crowd? 

"Maria you had us all in for a scare there! Those were only braxton kicks, some women don't even feel it. Just make sure to take this medication and you should be fine." The doctor explained as he handed Louis a prescription.

Relief ran through Louis' face and he smiled. "Thank god everything’s fine Maria. And thanks Doc, I’ll make sure to take good care of her." He squeezed Maria's hand. I turned to face Maria and I couldn't help but quietly giggle. She was still pissed off at the doctor for acting as if this pain was nothing and how horribly she reacted to some thing that isn't even painful. 

"Okay, well if you’re ready to go now babe, we'll go home.”

 Maria smiled and nodded. I watched as the couple got up, Maria with a bit of Louis help with him by his side. It was nice to see that after coming from such a troublesome family, Maria had Louis by her side at all times. He was responsible and caring enough not to leave her through such a difficult time. I smiled and pulled on my leather jacket following them into the car.


"Okay easy now, one step at a time, I’ve got you." Louis guided Maria back into my house. She finally sat down relaxing and shutting her eyes. 

"Lou, let's give her some time alone. You go home and rest now. Maria will have some rest as well, and until then I'll be back with some catching up with Harry. Alright?" It was like he couldn't even hear me. He was staring at Maria watching her protectively. 

But I guess he did hear me because he pulled his focus away from Maria already sound asleep and nodded. "Sounds good, thanks for calling me right away Rach. I don't know what I'd do without you, honestly." 

"I've told you so many times Lou, It's alright." He hugged me and then finally left taking one more look back at Maria to make sure she was sleeping okay. As soon as he left I received a call from Harry.

"Hey babe! So, how about we go to the movies or something? We really need to catch up!" Harry’s voice seemed as excited as always. 

"That sounds good, which movie?" Rachel suggested excited. 

"No idea, but we can decide there. I'll be over in ten to get you?" 

"Alright I'll be waiting.” I quickly put the phone down and got my date outfit out that I had been saving for a while. Finally, a date with Harry. No Kate. No one else. Just us two. 


"I've seriously got to start bringing my own coat! With this weather anything is possible!" I rubbed my arms freezing from the cold 

It was almost november, of course the cold was expected.  

"Nope, I just think you use it as an excuse to borrow mine" Harry laughed while he covered me with his coat. 

"Hmm, I guess you're right" I smiled at him and Harry gently pulled my chin up to kiss me. I put my arm around Harry's waist and we entered the movie theatre. 

"Alright, I'll grab the tickets and how about you grab the snacks." Harry suggested pulling out his wallet. 

"Sounds good, butter popcorn?" I asked taking the money Harry was holding out. I'd already learnt that there was no point in rejecting money from Harry. When he said take it, he meant take it. Always a gentlemen.

"You know me well." Harry smiled before he walked off to get into line. 

I headed into the opposite direction to get in line for snacks. This was the worst movie theatre to go to, it was always super packed that the lines were always huge. But I didn't complain when Harry drove here, I just wanted to have fun tonight. After a long while of waiting for the popcorn, finally mine was done. 

"Thank you!"  I called out to the cashier and grabbed my snacks, but as I turned around, I had bumped into someone. Of course, it was just my luck. It was Kate. She was like this evil snake that I had to be every where. Along with my horrible encounter with the devil, all of my popcorn had fallen to the floor. I looked up with my mouth wide open and caught Kate smirking. 

"Oops! Sorry about that...Rachel is it?" 

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