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We sat on our beds thinking about what the guys will say. I mean... this is a big step for all of us

Ash- you should call your parents you know, to tell them about what's going on

You- I haven't talked to them since what happened


I was in my room just minding my own, when my mother walked into my room

Mom- what are you doing brat?

You- I'm just doing homework...

I had Forster parents, but they never loved me as you can tell.

Mom- well, when your done make some food. I'm going to my room

But instead of making food, I packed my bag with clothes and anything else I needed. I was going to run away, the only people that know about this is Ashlynn and Jessica. But while I was sleeping on a bench that's when I met my two best friends. They helped me and I called them my family. I heard that my mom is still out there, she keeps calling me but I don't answer. She said that she is better now and that she's sorry. But I still don't trust her...

You- yea I don't know-

Jessica soon walks over to me and puts her hand on my shoulder

Jess- it's time... just call her

I look at the two of them and slowly take out my phone. I press her number and it started ringing. My mom soon picks up

Mom- Y/N?

You- yeah, hey

She starts to tear up on the other line

Mom- how are you?

You- ever since you got out of my life, I've been good

Mom- I've told you, I'm sorry about all of that I'm different now baby

You- look, I just wanted to say that I have a boyfriend now, and I have a singing career, and I'm about to be in a TV show. I just thought you should know

Mom- well, that's good for you, I can't wait to see your show

I hang up on the phone and fall back onto my bed. I put a pillow on my face and just close my eyes. Ashlynn walked over to me and took off the pillow

Ash- you should tell Logan what's going on too, he's going to find out one way or another

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