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well fuck I'm obsessed with chuck bass + gossip girl can I cry (also been wanting to write a story based on blair and chuck but with a 5sos member so yeh, COMMENT IF YOU WANT ME TO and with which member ofc lmao)

25 | " You're dirty. "

"Rough night huh?"

Logan watched the hangover boy as he was slowly making his way downstairs, hair a mess and sweats hanging low on his hips.

His red and swollen eyes were a contrast to his normal blue and crystal ones, the toxic and poisonous drinks from the night before obviously still slightly running through his blood stream.

He looked up once he finally stepped down the last step of the stairs, a sigh falling from his mouth as his calloused and shaky fingers ran through his messy bed hair. It seemed as if he was happy he made it down alive.

"Do you know the feeling of a train hitting you and then repeatedly getting hit with a brick? I can assure you, it's as if Satan is knocking at your door." Luke answered the girl, brushing back a few hairs from her face before pressing a kiss to her forehead.

"Well, you surely do look like you experienced those things before coming down," Logan chuckled softly, placing her warm hands onto his bare chest while looking up at him.

"Trust me, it surely feels like that," He told her seriously, although she was able to hear how he was joking around with her. The small grin on his face also showed her he was nothing but playing around with the smaller girl.

"Hey, so," She started with furrowed eyebrows, looking down at their bare feet as she spoke up once again, "How come you didn't want to kiss me last night? I didn't know alcohol made you non-sexual."

Luke imagined she had a wide grin on her face, but he wasn't able to see because she didn't dare to look him in the eyes. And so, he pushed her chin up with his finger to watch her twinkly eyes connect with his.

"I was tired, alright?" He sighed, watching how her lips fell onto a small pout as he spoke, "And I will never be non-sexual when I'm around you, that's impossible baby."

His hand slowly trailed up her leg, the material of her shirt rising up with each inch his hand was coming closer to her waist. "How can I make it up to you?"?He rasped, his voice low and hoarse while his lips brushed the shell of her ear.

She was like putty in his hands. It had always been like that and it will always be. Luke just managed to make her fall for tricks she didn't wanted to fall for and made her do things she never thought of.

But that was what excited her the most. Whenever he was at the office, she would sneak in - after earning a few bitchy glances from the girl at the front desk called Veronica - and they would just make out until Luke realized she kept him from his work. Each time he would tell her to not do it again, but whenever she did, he was glad she was a stubborn girl and came back around.

"Not now," She whispered with a sigh following, "I'm still having a muscle ache from carrying you around and pulling you up the stairs last night."

Luke laughed at this, rolling his eyes as he pressed a few longing and feathery kisses onto her neck. "You did it with love, huh? That's all that matters."

She scoffed playfully, smacking the back of Luke's head, "Wait until you have a muscle ache when I cling onto you like a lost monkey."

His hands brushed over her back, down to her butt to slightly pinch it, watching how Logan rolled her eyes at him. He chuckled and placed his hands onto the back of her legs, silently telling her to jump.

So, she did and wrapped her arms around his neck and kept him close in the hope he wouldn't drop her. Luke smirked at her as he walked towards the couch, sitting both of them down.

"You see baby girl, I won't have a muscle ache because I carry you around more often then you will ever carry me around," He cockily told her, ticking his head to the side to look at his lover.

"And that's because you always want to show me how much of a strong and muscly business man you are," She chuckled, her fingers wandering through his mop of messy curls, "While I already know."

Luke smiled, his warm hands sneakily making their way underneath his shirt, that Logan was currently wearing. "Mhm, I just like to show things off. Haven't you noticed? You're the one thing I like to show off most."

"Oh, like when you accidentally pinched my butt and slipped your tongue down my throat when we passed Veronica on our way out? Yeah, I kind of noticed." She told him with a small chuckle, nodding her head.

"Veronica just needs to stay away from me," Luke shivered, shaking his head before continuing, "She's a freak. Not sure why she's so obsessed with me."

"You're a hot business man with loads of money and connections, why wouldn't she be obsessed with you, Mr Hemmings?" She joked, pressing a kiss onto his forehead.

"Ah, so that are the reasons you're still by my side?" He teased, pulling her body further into his so he was able to place his chin onto her shoulder while hugging her.

She giggled, "No, of course not. I'm with you because I'm your maid. I'm supposed to be here."

"Mhm, I'm afraid I can't see you as a maid anymore," Luke told her carefully, pressing a kiss onto her rosy cheek, "Although you do look extremely hot whenever you're bend over the table to clean."

She gasped playfully, smacking Luke's chest afterwards, "Oh you're right, I see and notice you're not non-sexual at all. You're just quite dirty all the time."

Luke shrugged his shoulders, "Well baby, I can not be anything else but dirty whenever you're around."

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