I started making lunch with all the other girls and the guys walked outside to have a bear.

            “I really like this week’s challenge,” Jennifer said. “It’s heaps easier than the past challenges.” I agreed even though, for me, it wasn’t all that easy. I had to make it look as if I had known Drew for three years when in reality I’ve barely known him for three months.

            “Dear, what’s wrong?” I turned around to see Violet sitting down on one of the chairs by the table, her head in her hands.

            “I just feel like crap, I’m going to go lie down for a little while. I have the biggest headache,” Violet answered Renee.

            “Do you want me to make you a cup of tea? You know what they say, a cup of tea makes everything better.”

            “I’m fine.”

“Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything!” Renee shouted as Violet walked out of the kitchen. Renee acted like a mother would to every one of us; I think she really missed her children. I knew that if Drew and I didn’t win the challenge – which I was positive we wouldn’t – I wanted Renee and Paul to win.

            I took out a chopping board and starting cutting up some lettuce and listened to what the girls were saying, not really bothered to contribute to the conversation. “The reason I wanted Luke and I to come onto The Newlywed Game so bad because he was becoming uninterested in me. I don’t know… it just seemed like he wasn’t in love with me anymore. Then, he began saying things about me cheating and yeah…”

            “I think he loves you,” Lisa told her. “I really do.” She paused before starting again. “Oliver and I came onto the Newlywed Game because his parents really wanted us to be on TV.” Everyone laughed.

            “Ted and I came onto the Newlywed Game because…” Cho trailed off. “I actually don’t know why.”

            Soon, it was my turn to say why Drew and I had decided to audition for The Newlywed Game. All the other girls looked at me and waited for me to start. “Drew and I auditioned because we needed the money,” I said, honestly. “I’m still in Uni and Drew, Drew has some things going on.” We all fell into silence.

            “I’m going to go check on Luke,” Anastasia said. I watched as she walked off and then looked down to the ring on my finger. I had gotten used to it being there and couldn’t even imagine how empty my finger would feel without it on. I knew, eventually, once we had been eliminated from the game I would have to give the ring back to Drew.

            “What are you thinking about?” Jennifer questioned, furrowing her eyebrows.

            “Nothing,” I shook my head.

            “You sure?” I smiled. “That rings beautiful,” She said, nodding down to my ring. “Did you pick it out?”

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