Part 20 It's All About That Pussy!

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MY NEW OFFICE IS FANTASTIC. The windows are twice the size of my old office and sport a much better view of the towering city. The IT Department set up everything including all my pictures and memorabilia—what little I had. I was hoping for something on another corner perhaps—millions of miles away from Undead Fred, but no matter; I'm finally getting what I want and everything I worked so hard for. I sit at my new desk and begin reviewing the barrage of emails surrounding the death of Emo.

Emo was a scrawny guy with jet-black hair and way too much eye makeup. He was scouted by a rival label out of New York and was a pain in the ass from the start. Always late for rehearsals and sound check, Freddy wanted nothing to do with him and told me it would only be a matter of time before Emo offed himself. Emo was so bold as to shoot up in front of Simon before his last performance and remarkably had a great set. He was set to open for Soulbusters the entire tour, but his body was found last night at a hotel in Miami. I guess Freddy was right and it seems so fitting that now I get to replace him with my guy. I'm sure that's what's coming next. I wasn't officially told, but there is no other option. A faint knock on the door redirects my attention.

Richard enters with a huge smile. "There's our girl. Settling in?"

Simon enters directly behind him with the same smile. "Brenda, how are you liking the new office?"

"I love it," I say, grinning from ear to ear. "I absolutely love it. Thank you, both for all of the support. I mean it."

Richard pokes around the new space a bit and Simon takes a seat in front of me. Richard grabs a photo off one of the tables in the back; it is a picture of Freddy and me with Rick, the lead singer of Soulbusters back when we first signed them. I am touched he would look at it.

"I believe we were in your office when we took that," I say.

Richard sets the photo down and gives me his fatherly smile. He wanders towards my desk and takes a seat. "I knew you had it in you, Brenda. I knew it the first night we met at the Roxy." He laughs and turns to Simon. "You remember the confidence this lady put out there when we tried to tell her stats about that band?" Simon nods his head and Richard turns back to me. "Brenda was absolutely right and now look at you—all grown up. I was wondering when you were going to grab the gumption to fly without Freddy."

I shrug my shoulders and act as if I have no idea either. If only I could let it out that it was my fault for falling in love with the person they paired me with, but they would laugh, as I am sure every woman in Los Angeles has fallen in love with Freddy.

"Well, you did it," Richard says. "You took a chance and it paid off big. Now, let's get to it. I'm sure you've seen the emails. Emo, unfortunately, did what we all knew was going to happen sooner or later, so, we thought locking Modeus in for the entire tour would be a good option."

"Of course," I say trying not to sound too callous.

Simon nods and stands up. "You know what needs to be done to prepare for this?"

"I do. I understand everything that needs to be done."

Richard stands and walks with Simon out the door. "Of course she does."

I smile politely as they both leave my office. I am ecstatic about the Honda Center and anxious to get to it. I turn my attention to the emails flying back and forth from marketing, accounting, assistants and studios all buzzing with the news of Modeus. I made this all happen—me! Looking over that the picture Richard was admiring when he came in makes me feel a bit sick. So many feelings pass through me looking at it. I still love him. I still miss him.

A man wearing a red 'Flowers For Everyone' T-shirt walks through the door holding a rather large bouquet of red roses.

A man wearing a red 'Flowers For Everyone' T-shirt walks through the door holding a rather large bouquet of red roses.

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