Wedding Prep| 33

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(Nyla's POV)

For once this entire time we've been here I've gotten some actual alone time. Sucks that it'll only last until Sebastian gets back in this car. When the driver pulled up to this old sketchy building he insisted on me staying in the car and I happily obliged. He spent today hunting down leads. Even though he would never verbally admit it, he's still paranoid that someone is out to get him.

I had been sitting in the car alone for about thirty minutes before he finally came out looking as dickish as always. "Where to next?" I asked. "Florence."

"As in three hours away, Florence?"

"Yeah, that's what I said. Are you deaf or dumb?" He replied sarcastically. "You are one snarky comment away fr—"

"I don't care. quiet. What is it that you say? Be seen not heard?"

My left eye twitched at that and I turned away from him with a scowl on my face. Asshole.

I stayed silent the entire car ride to the helipad and the helicopter ride to Florence. I had never been in a helicopter and I so badly wanted to smile and laugh at how nice the experience was but Sebastian's stupid attitude ruined the experience.

When we got to Florence, we landed on top of a tall building. A man in dark sunglasses and a suit was waiting in a black BMW to pick us up when we got downstairs. From there Sebastian forced me to go shopping where I tried on about six dresses. "What is this for?" I huffed as I tried on the seventh dress. It was very 20's inspired and I kinda liked it.

"We have to go to a wedding."

He turned to look at me as I stepped out of the dressing room stall and looked me up and down rather slowly. "Next." He said and turned back around. On to dress number 8.

By the time we got to dress number 12, I was tired and annoyed. So when I stepped out of the stall in dress number 13 I prayed that he put his stamp of approval on it.

I thought he'd simply observe but instead he approached me and touched the satin fabric of the dress. The confidence I had in the stall seemed to diminish the more he looked at me. "I like it."

"Ring This up please!" He shouted to the employee in Italian. The poor girl looked like she was going to pee her pants. When we got here, there were about twelve people inside but Sebastian had the store evacuated of anyone that didn't work here.

I changed back into my clothes and handed the other employee the dress with an apologetic smile. "I need shoes to go with it." I pointed out. "I already picked them out."

After we left the store, we went to a hotel. I'd be delighted to lay down if we hadn't been subjected to a room with one bed. But it's all they had left and Sebastian refused to go anywhere else.

"When is this wedding?"

"Tomorrow. You have to be dressed and ready to leave by 4:30." He said and stepped into the bathroom.

I sighed heavily as I laid back on the bed. I didn't know we were gonna be staying away from the hotel in Rome, but luckily my mom always told me to bring an extra pair of underwear, socks, a makeup emergency bag, and pads everywhere you go. But if I'd known that we were going to be staying in Florence instead of going back to Rome I would've brought an overnight bag or purchased extra clothes while we were out.

I scoffed at the thought of having to ask him to borrow something since he seemed to have been well prepared for this. I need a drink. With that thought in mind, I grabbed what I'd need, slipped on some shoes, and left the room.

When we first got here I spotted an illustrious bar, however, I didn't think I'd be taking advantage of it this soon. I just needed a glass of wine or something. Thankfully the bar was almost empty when I got down there. Just a few people and the employees.

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