Chapter 7 - A Rendezvous with Umbrae.

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“Yep sure did, as your accomplice,” She said trying not laugh.

“This is not funny Lucy,” I said to her, as two of the cops took us to the police station. The other officers checked the boot of the glider.

Along the way, to Darlinghurst, the two police officers, were laughing, and joking to each other, about handing Lucy, to the mutants. It wasn’t a joke; I didn't find it funny at all. “Oi you pigs, shut your mouth up, or I’ll break your jaw. That’s my girlfriend, you’re talking about,” I shouted at them, “Plus my sister, was taken earlier tonight. I don’t care, what you do with me, just let Lucy go home. Everything I have done is to prepare for an attempt, to get my sister back.”

The cop in the passenger side turned and looked at me sternly. “We can also do you, for offending a police officer, if you’re not careful,” He said, back in reply to my comment. I decided to send my Mum a text through my phone “Hey Mum, I'm sorry, but I have been caught, by police. I'm so sorry. I failed you, Dad and Susan. They are taking me, to the Darlinghurst Police Station, for questioning,” I then tapped, the right hand side of my head, near my temple to send the message. I almost instantly, I got one back. “What happened? Where’s Lucy?

Therefore, I sent one back, again. “I broke into a few places, after encountering a mutant. Well not exactly. You see there were these shops, in the city a hardware store, and an auto store. It gave me an idea, so I went in to get some chemicals, and other things I needed, to make a bomb; using hydrochloric acid as a weapon against them. Lucy is also arrested, sitting right beside me,” I replied. “But we are almost at the station; I’m going to have the power chip taken, rendering my phone useless.”

As we got inside the station, we were treated with less respect than the most common of criminals. Thrown and pushed around the station, and into separate interrogations rooms. They took our power chips, for our phones. Two rather large officers that frankly, appeared as though they had more coupons for Donut King, than they had chromosomes, came into the interrogation room in which I resided. To my surprise, one of the officers was Commissioner Cutter.

“So, what’s your name kid?” The larger one, of the two asked.

“Vince, Vince Galengino,” Cutter answered, rather smug, “We've met before haven't we, Mister Galengino.” I just looked at him in disgust, and nodded my head.

“So, Vince what were you doing,” the other officer said, as he paused briefly, to check the time, before continuing his question. “At half past eleven tonight, what were you doing at Supercheap Auto, on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst?”

“Well, when taking on mutants, and seeing the front door open; to a couple stores that basically, have everything I need to save my sister.” I replied, rocking back and forth, on the aluminium chair “One would think of, getting supplies to arm myself, so I can achieve such a feat, before racing there unarmed.”

“What makes you think you have a chance, when 450,000 causalities, made up of police, and military personnel died, cause didn’t have a chance?” Cutter asked, as the larger one, sipped away at his coffee.

“I’m using hydrochloric acid, not live ammunition for one,” I replied calmly, looking them both in the eye especially Cutter. “Look, I don’t have time for this, I have to get my sister, away from the mutants, and I promised her I’d do whatever it takes, to keep her safe. Please let me go.”

“You broke the law; I can’t let you go anywhere,” Cutter said in smug tone, as if he was enjoying this.

“What law did I break?” I said, raising my voice. “I entered an already, ruined open premises, that was full of damaged stock. All I did was salvage, what I needed.”

“You also took stock, that you had no right in taking,” Cutter said, as he also raised his voice. His face turned red, slamming his hands on the table. I saw his eyes change colour to, which rather got me worried. They went from a blue grey, to an orangey red, but quickly went back to normal. Nevertheless, that wasn't normal; no human beings eyes change like that.

I shake my head I was so close. Now, I'm helpless stuck inside, the Darlinghurst Police station. This was just great, not. “So made you think hydrochloric acid, was going to work, if live ammunition, tipped with depleted Uranium, didn’t?” Cutter asked, after ordering the other officer, to leave the room. After the officer left, Cutter rolled up his sleeves, and hit me hard across my face making my lip bleed. “Your sister, is property of the mutants now,” he chuckled, as I blacked out


The mutant who kidnapped, Susan reached the residential estate, of the mutants' underground city. Here, mutant children were practising their abilities. The adult mutants, looked at Susan, with disgust on their deformed faces; but also bowed in respect of the mutant, who escorted her through the hive. It was like this mutant, was like some kind mutant royalty; like a mutant prince, maybe.

They walked along, one of the many, steel bridges and ramps. When they got to the far side of the hive, the mutant opened a doorway to a secret elevator. The mutant, puts in a code on the key pad, and hits the bottom button. The elevator doors shut, and the elevator starts move down. When the doors reopened, they came into a prison area. This was where, Umbrae kept his prisoners. The girls inside, were huddled together by the hundreds, in cages. They were scared, and crying to go home. The mutant takes Susan, through the maze of cages filled with girls aged between, eleven and eighteen to the mutant leader's throne room.

Umbrae's throne room was situated, at the bottom of the mutant hive. The green mouldy carpet, led up to the King's throne, where he was sitting. The walls were decorated in green, with black striped curtains stretching from the entrance door, to the back of the room. There were two sets pillars, ran parallel with the walls, and were used as a support to hold the ceiling in place. They were covered, completely in mould. The smell was disgusting, but nowhere near as disgusting as the fat pig; I mean King, himself.

He sat there slumped in his chair, with a plate full of chicken legs, on his lap, laughing to another mutant a female who left as soon as she saw Susan and the mutant enter. While he had no obvious disfigurements, he did however, have orangey red eyes, and his skin had a green tinge to it; Susan wasn't sure if his skin was mouldy, or that that was his actual skin colour. The mutant, walked closer to King's, forcing Susan to her knees by her neck, “Here she is your Majesty, the one I told you, I suspect has the gene,” the mutant said, as he also bowed. The King laughed excitedly as he stood up, and examined Susan.

“You have done well, Ghett; she does have gene,” The king said, as looking into Susan’s eyes. “Take her to the prison for now, and come back tomorrow, to collect your reward.”

“The gene, what gene are you talking about?” Susan butted in, holding her nose from the King's feral stench. “I'm just a normal, human girl,” But Umbrae quickly hushed her and continued on his conversation with the mutant, named Ghett.

“If you’re just a normal human girl, you wouldn't have hurt me like you did,” Ghett said, to Susan who was looking down to the green carpet.

“Take her to Indino's, he will deal with her, in the morning,” The king said.

“Yes your Majesty, as you wish,” Ghett replied as he grabbed, Susan by her hair, and dragged her out.

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