Chapter Twenty-Four» Khalil

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I'm a nice person that's why you're all getting double updates. I hope you're all liking the book so far. There is a lot that's going to happen so buckle up.
I think in my opinion this story is starting from this point on.
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So before you start this chapter, you have to understand that Khalil and Aazeen are best friends and cousins and honestly they love each other very much, but not romantically. I hope you like the chapter and on a serious note guys we need to reach #200 comments for the next chapter.

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The house remained oddly quiet. Lost in its own thoughts, unaware of the storms ahead. Like the silence before a deądly storm. Awaiting for the right moment, to grasp. To clutch against and unleash its horror. That was the silence residing in each corner.

Inhaling softly, I glanced up. Seeing Ammar walk out of the bathroom, dressed in dark blue suit. His blazer fitted perfectly against his large body as he ran a hand through his neatly done hair. Looking up at me, his once thoughtful face softened at the sight of me.

A smile plastered his features making me return it and glance down at my hands. The large wedding ring  remained on my finger, sparkling against the light. Standing proudly.

The bed dipped slightly, making me turn to the side and glance at Ammar. His large figure intimidating my small one. The strong of his cologne whiffed past my nose, causing me to look down and glance at my shaky hands.

" I can stay if you want. I'll send Hussain, Salahudin is still young so I doubt he'll go" he said softly, his eyes never leaving mine, causing me to stare at my hands and shake my head. I couldn't ask him to stay. He had work to do. It'd be beyond selfish.

Looking up, I shook my head offering the man a soft smile, seeing his eyes pool with unknown emotions. " No, you go. I'll be fine besides if I get bored or anything I'll go to your parents house" I said lightly, causing him to smile and shake his head.

Standing up slowly, I found my eyes landing on the rising sun. Seeing the illuminating light shine through the room. It was as though all the happiness in the world was reflecting on us. Spreading light all around, making me smile, seeing the large trees outside move slowly.

It was beautiful.

" Beautiful" a soft voice whispered, making me look down. Seeing Ammar look at me, his eyes darkening with something. Smiling at him in question I found the man standing up and look at me.

Swallowing down my dry throat, I could see him move  forward. His large figure standing proudly against my small one. A dark look passing through his face. " You sure you'll be okay here?"  he said slowly, causing me to nod ignoring my insides that were twisting with pain. An uneasy feeling dawned on me,  as though there was a big storm waiting for us. Yet I ignored it and glanced at him.

" I'll be okay here. You go" I said softly hearing the front door being knocked on. Glancing at Ammar in confusion, I found the man caressing my cheek softly before he walked out of the room. Following after him, I found myself walking down the large spiral staircase, my gaze landing on Ammar.

The large double doors were opened slowly, causing Ammar's tall figure to block my vision. Reaching the bottom stairs I could see Ammar shaking hands with someone, as he side stepped allowing my eyes to land on the person. It was as though all the  air had been knocked out of me, leaving me vulnerable and exposed.

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