♪ Chapter 25

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C H A P T E R 25

"Marie, are you okay?" I asked curiously, looking up from my position and watching a nervous Marie pace back and forth in front of the voting ballots. I was lying on the grass, my head resting on Shane's legs while Shannon's head rested on my own.

Marie's eyes widened and she began to shake her head frantically.

"What's wrong?" Shane pushed, seemingly worried.

"She's nervous about the show." Jessica interrupted, eyeing Marie.

"Why would you be nervous?" I furrowed my eyebrows, "You're an amazing singer!"

Marie groaned and dropped to the ground, head in her hands. "I know... I don't know! It's just, talking to Jessica I realized that everyone is going to be there. Everyone!"

I turned to Jessica with an accusing glare, "What have you been filling her head with?"

"Nothing!" Jessica defended, raising a hand of surrender. "I just pointed out that I was a bit anxious because my family will be there, and nearly everyone from my school."

"You're never anxious, Jessica." Shannon rolled her eyes, scoffing.

"Exactly!" Marie exclaimed, "So if she's anxious, what hope do I have! My family are coming to hear me sing, my friends are coming to hear me sing, half of the school will be there hoping that I fall or something."

"You're getting hysterical Marie." I murmured, "We're all a little nervous, but we know that we can do this. We wouldn't be here if we couldn't do this."

"I don't know if I can." She whispered.

"Of course you cant." Keara who had been eavesdropping, interrupted, laughing. "No offense Marie, but you aren't made for this kind of thing. The glasses, the ginger curls, the pale skin. You're average and plain."

Marie frowned at her, saying nothing.

"Your friends will probably laugh-"

"Shut up Keara." I snapped, stepping in front of Marie as if shielding her. "Stop making other people feel like shit, just because your life is sucks."

"My life is perfect Riley-" I interrupted her snarl again. I was fed up of other people's bullshit. I was fed up of feeling sorry for myself. I was fed up of not being me.

"It's funny when you say your life is perfect. Because your perfect is being surrounded by money and clothes, and bitterness! But you're not happy despite all of that bullshit. You don't have any real friends. Your parents only love you for the amount of publicity you give them. You thrive on other people's displeasure, and one day Keara. You're going to be alone, and bitter living with a bunch of cats and crying over romance novels."

Keara narrowed her eyes at me, "How dare you!"

"No. How dare you. How dare you disrespect others just because you have no respect for yourself. How dare you make others life hell because your life sucks! How dare you look down on anyone else but yourself!"

"May it's okay..." Marie whispered, causing me to shake my head.

"No, it's not. She is the kind of person that creates such a fucked-up society. It's sickening." I glared at Keara, and after a second frowned at Chase who was carefully slipping a phone into her jacket pocket. I watched as Caleb appeared out of nowhere, slapping him on his back.

"It's not my fault you don't care about anything May! That's the only reason you hate me, it's because your reputation is terrible and shameful. You are an embarrassment to your parents."

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