Interview with Jungkook (Part 1)

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Never in my entire life I have ever dreamed of being in a situation like this. But if this is what it takes for me to get Dahyun's friends' approval to marry her, then I shall take the risk.

I'm now inside the practice room of Twice, sitting on a chair, right in the middle of this very spacious room.

Wondering where they are?

They're at the corner of the room having a secret meeting. I can only hear them whispering to each other, which is obvious that I'm their hot topic.

I sighed and played with my fingers instead. I wonder what Dahyun is doing right now. I know that she will be fine with the boys, but I just can't feel at ease whenever she's out of my sight. Besides, I know my friends. They're very loud especially Hoseok and Taehyung. What if Dahyun doesn't like loud people? What if it turns out that she doesn't like my friends?

I nervously gulped.

A series of questions came to my mind as I think about what Dahyun likes and dislikes. My eyebrows creased as I try to find at least five things she likes. First, she likes chocolates, playing piano... and then what? Well, with her dislikes... Wait, does she even have any?

I was thinking so hard I didn't notice that Twice were already surrounding me, standing in circle.

I got even more nervous.

"Jeon Jungkook. Maknae of BTS. One of our sunbaes. Also knowns as the "Golden Maknae." Can sing, dance, rap and many more," Jihyo started. "But..."

I really hate the word "but." Nothing comes good after that word.

"But who really are you?" Jihyo continued.

I was comfused with her question. Didn't she just described me, why is she asking who I am?

"Tell us who you are, Jeon Jungkook," Jeongyeon commanded. "Not as an idol, but a normal guy."

"We can't easily entrust Dahyun with an a guy who's personality is only based on Google or Wikipedia. We want to know you based on who you really are," Jihyo continued.

I sighed. They're right. Me and Dahyun only know a few things about each other. Since we seldom talk or see each other, we never get the chance to know more about each other.

I guess this situation pretty makes sense now. Dahyun needs to know things about me through my friends, same goes with me with her friends.

I'm excited yet feeling scared.

What if we're not compatible or total opposites? What if she likes things that I don't find amusing?

But I love her. And when you truly love someone, you will accept his or her flaws, support his or her decisions and never question your differences with one another.

Besides, opposites do attract, right?

"Okay. You can ask me anything and I'll answer them truthfully," I said while staring at them.

"Don't worry. Each of us will only will one question for you," Sana said, smiling at me. I don't know if I should feel relieved with that smile. But I think she looks sincere and friendly. No wonder why there are so many SaiDa shippers out there. But sorry not sorry, Dahyun is my fiancee and I don't think it's necessary for me to get jealous with this girl.

"Let's start with the maknae," Jihyo nodded at Tzuyu.

Tzuyu cleared her throat. She was thinking so hard before finally asking me. "Who was your first girlfriend?"

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