Immaturity, or Grow a Pair; You Decide

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Well, I wanted to title this one Immature Pricks, but thought that might not be so nice. I am nothing if not nice ;)

So. This is a sort of real world rant and a virtual commentary. The makings of a commentarant if there ever were some. There are, it is here. So, again....I say all of this to sort of calm down before writing more profanity, which although refreshing is not something a writer should aim to. We are much more creative than that.

Immature Imbeciles.

That should suffice, I guess.

Again, going against my own motherly advice and taking five (five minutes to calm down, repeating the five magic words: IT DOESN"T MATTER THAT MUCH, and I WILL GET OVER IT, taking five steps away...whatever else bullcrap I feed my kids so that they don't start a mutiny....) I start this as soon as the enlightening individual left my house. Here we go.

Immaturity is a plague to humanity. When we do not see the real world, without the rose tinted glasses we set ourselves up for failure. The kind that hurts and stings and lands you in a whole pile of stinking, fly infested (including the obligatory maggots) shit. Whoops, we can let that one go. Immaturity makes us look like fools and keeps us as ignorants. Yes, it truly does.

The real world example generally manifests itself in greed, arrogance and this pesky sense of entitlement that comes with thinking, like an immarute child, that the world revolves around you, that you do not need to help put out to get back and that you deserve something you do not. I was going to say work for but there are times, lovelies, that you will work your butt off for something and you still do not deserve it. Like me, for example. No matter how hard someone works, there are few who would deserve me. Not really, but we will let me think so because I am an angry mama bear today. Or daughter bear as the case may be. We need to realize that just because you think something is one way, that it may in actuality be another way completely. A friend of mine is going through some really tough crap with her husband right now. I don't know the details and frankly don't want to. But another friend of mine made a comment (all relative-family friends so we all know each others' business like the warm extended family we are) that "you don't really know what people are going through behind the facade of what the world sees". I congratulated her on finally getting her head out of her ass and realizing this very mature thought. No, you have no right to assume what people think, do or can handle. Like the situation that happened to me today, well not to me but to my other family member who has almost had enough. If you know me, few do on here but hey, not complaining, you would know my PapaBooks had a stroke. That leaves (real)GrandmaBooks to do an awful lot at her house. I am horrible at taking care of myself, and just manage so she knows that her support here is of the psychological kind mainly. The other support slow coming. Now, perhaps this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black but man, I can't seem to not spit right now. And I wish it were in the eye of many many people. But alas, I am relagated to rant to the internet about immature people trying to take advantage of situations that they should be SOLVING, not exasberating. Again, if I ruled the world, these people would pay...or at least have to do all the crap that the people they are taking advantage of do. Maybe. Anyway...I have lost focus here and now think maybe I should move on to other things. Greener pastures. Greener only because they are, sadly, filled with even more shit than this one. Ugh, reality...why!?

Actually, I am not done. I think that immaturity is borne of the lack of growing a pair. Yes, I said it folks. Now you know my secret: although I try to be all equal opportunity I slide back into the use of sexist comments. Although I said a pair, and our bodies are all full of pairs. Again, we need to look at reality and think, "okay, today I wore my big girl/boy underwear and now I need to act all grown up". Yes, Chucky, we are all growed up. That means we have to take...wait for it....responsibility for what we do. Whew, I pulled out that R word. It should be restricted, but it is not. Use it, children and you will become wise. Be the force with you, it will. Or something like that. We need to own our actions and reactions and everything in between. You did something stupid. That is okay, own up - grow a pair and stand up for your damn self and admit you made a mistake and will fix it or at least try not to do it again. Rectify or whatever you want to call it. Now, this isn't going to lead anywhere all of this spitting on the computer and grossly on my fingers typing as well since, you know, you say the words as you rant the really annoying stuff. But again, life isn't pretty.

Part Deux, since I am too lazy to make two different entries...

Now to comment on the virtual lovelies that need to grow a pair, or grow up or whatever.

When you go into public, in any realm of the public domain even if it is from your home in your computer chair, you are putting yourself at the risk of being judged by others. You learn this as you mature, I assure you.

The reactions when you go outside can vary. If you were to wear something that is different, act in a manner that is different, think, be, live whathaveyou, then you will be judged by someone. This is life. Own it my friends. We live in a cookie cutter world that spews cliche from the ground and all around, and the ones that hold umbrellas are looked at as odd and even scary for being dry. This is part of life. I dress with my heart on my face, as I may have mentioned before. So, when I leave my house I am prepared for five different types of possible reactions:

1. Ambiguous stares. I have no idea what the creepy person staring at me is thinking, they are just staring at me. This is fine, although creepy. I know I look different than most of the population, especially in the summer. Stare away creepers.

2. The angry mob. These are the people that allow me the precious insight into the depths of human ignorance by handing me all of their views and placing the blame for most of the world's problems on my shoulders. Because I am, you see, the cause and continued sustain-er of all world strife. Okay.

3. The overly supportive. The ones that come up to me and applaud my strength of character and conviction. I am not always sure if this is sincere or just some over compensation to make me their friend so they can tell people, "see I am not racist I have a Mozzlem friend". It's cool, there are sincere gems in there sometimes and it feels good after those torch and/or pitchfork folk.

4. The ambiguous questioners. These are the people that just ask questions. They don't really say anything in support of or against what I do. Just ask questions. Fact finders. No problem, I like to talk and I have reasons for everything I do.

5.  Those that have been around the world long enough to have seen crazier things than me, and don't really give me the time of day. Cool, usually I don't really have the time to stop and answer 20 questions, lack of cynicism to have praise handed to me in abundance, patience for the mob, and stares well sticks and stones and all that.

This is life. This is what happens when you make a choice. ANY choice. So, if you are putting on some crazy clothing choices, or lack thereof, expect these reactions. One of them will happen. This can be extended to the realm of the internet. Anything you post, anywhere will have the same sort of reactions. Really. This is part of being mature....learning how to handle all five types. You can categorize all of them into one of these points. How you react shows which one we should put you into. If you do not think that any one of them may, can and will happen to you at any given need to a) grow up, and b) grow a pair and realize that YOU WILL BE JUDGED. Sometimes you will like what people say and sometimes you will not. This is life. The real world. Even if it is virtually there in the form of a world wide web of users who may or may not make time in the day for you. Ugh, life.

You will be recognized sometimes for the brilliance that you put out. Or lack thereof. This is what happens. If you can not grow a pair of (whatever you want) and OWN being that individual that is being put under a microscope...get out of the light. Walk away from it. It will make all blemishes appear ten times the size they are. Really. I am only trying to help here. Help myself perhaps, stay sane but also help anyone of the few that read this. I am not well known on here, that's cool - fewer ambiguous stares and pitchforks for me, but I try to hand out what I can when I can. Really I am simply trying to be positive but it just gets a little hard sometimes. Perhaps I should walk around ambiguously staring at people. I will. And I will lead the minions like a proud mother duck, all of us staring in unison as we cross the street in a perfectly straight line from tallest to shortest. That will make me feel better. Watch out world...we will be watching.

At least there will be four of us with a pair out there somewhere. I OWN that.

At the end of this, I feel a little lighter, perhaps. I hope it makes sense and since I hardly really put up totally unedited things I will allow you into the recesses of my mind tonight.

ha! read around my page and that will be a glaring fallacy (the unedited part) and then you will think whoa Lady Hypocrisy, we shall deem you Pot.

Come at me Kettles.

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