Chapter 1- Panic Attack? Almost...

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Dedication for this chapter goes out to the one and only xDancingdreamsx for creating the amazing cover displaying a girl surrounded by pink roses! I'll be probably switching back and forth between covers made for me, but this one is super amazing and beautiful!:))) What can I say, I'm lucky to have such incredible people making covers for me:))

Chapter 1- Panic attack? ...almost

The clock radio blared music at full blast, arousing me from the calmness of my dream. I moaned, stretching across the bed, stubbornly resisting the urge to drift back to sleep. Could it be six already? The minimal sleep I’d gotten the night before was showing through in my morning grogginess as I sauntered irritably towards the bathroom. However, after a quick, but thorough, repetition of my morning routine, my sleepiness ebbed away and anxiety began flooding through my veins once more.

I paced my room back and forth, contemplating for about the fiftieth time whether or not my outfit was appropriate for the occasion. I admired my knee-length dark grey dress in the reflection. Twirling it around, I thought it was cute, with the way it hugged my figure and flowed about my legs. But was it presentable enough? I sighed; it would have to be.

I checked my face in the mirror, hoping that I wasn’t developing premature worry lines. Thankfully I was in the clear and hadn’t developed crow’s feet overnight. Mascara accentuated my already long lashes and a touch of eyeliner on the top lid made them appear even fuller. Other than that my face was bare; my naturally clear skin glowed with a runner’s tan and my cheeks were still a little pink from some excess sun the day before. Overall, I looked like my usual self, although I felt anything other than normal. My face was doing a good job at hiding my emotions, but my insides were churning.

I fidgeted, picking at my clothes and hair. My ride was supposed to pick me up at 10; I checked the clock…7.20. OK, I had time. Calm, breathe, relax, I told myself, taking in a deep breath. My fingers danced nervously across my desktop and I quenched my desire to crawl back under the covers.

It then dawned on me that I still hadn’t eaten breakfast. Today I ate like a bird, nibbling on my muffin for only a few minutes before throwing the rest away.

I found that I had too much time on my hands and was hopelessly unable to stay still. In an effort to keep myself occupied, I absently, grabbed a book I was reading from the top of my suitcase…maybe some Pride and Prejudice could get my mind off my nerves…

Mr. Darcy was just proposing to Elizabeth for the first time (and she was not-so-graciously refusing him), when my thoughts were interrupted by the characteristic ding-dong of the door bell.

I glanced up, surprised; I had almost forgotten about my trip.

“Sorry,” I said fumbling through my apology embarrassedly, as I realized I was supposed to have been waiting out front ten minutes prior, “I got a bit distracted.”

“No worries Miss,” replied a stout, graying man in a suit. “Are these your bags?”

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