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Hawke's War Stories: My center is giving way, my right is in retreat...

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Situation excellent, I am attacking. (If you get the quote, you're awesome. Have an internet Also, just to be on the safe side, I don't own RUSE, Alpha Centauri, XCOM, etc. They're all owned by the people that own them, lazy disclaimers ftw)

I'm well known for writing long, varyingly detailed accounts of my battles in strategy games, and have decided to record some recent ones. One was copypasted for lack of time, but the other two go into quite a bit of detail. If you like these, keep your eye on Deadmanproduct1ons, author of He and I are working together on something. Out of these three stories, I'm saving the best for last.

First off, a recent story from the WWII strategy game RUSE;

I'm playing as Italy, a faction with units that are weak, fast, and cheap, I was against Germany, the opposite - strong and expensive, and the balanced United States in a three way battle. I had taken several defeats in the past, but this time I think I've found a winning strategy; upgrade to the best Italian tanks and infantry immediately, then rush the enemy during my brief period of qualitative and quantitative superiority. 

With my initial funds of $200, I establish several supply depots to secure a steady flow of income, as well as bases for tanks and infantry. Once established, I field a pair of recon units but put most of my money into research of the M15 advanced medium tank. USA seems to have invested mainly in military installations, compared to my focus on money and Germany taking a balanced approach.

My focus on money paid off, because within six minutes I had built up a formidable force of M15 tanks and had pushed the Americans back to their HQ, rolling over everything in my path while a handful of light tanks ripped through the enemy supply lines, retreating before enemy troops could get within striking distance. I was only stopped by a contingent of Wolverine tank destroyers, which I lacked the infantry strength to attack - my blitz had left the infantry in the dust. They also deployed static anti tank and machine gun emplamements, so I waited for the arrival of my new artillery, assault guns, and more infantry. 

Once they arrived, I had taken up position in a city and the forests surrounding it, just outside the range of enemy weapons. My artillery fired several barrages before I was satisfied, and I prepared to deal the finishing blow to my still outnumbered and underequipped enemy. However, I seemed to forget something...

Germany. My flank was left wide open, and a detachment of light tanks and infantry came rolling up to my HQ, capturing several of my bases and the HQ. The only one I held onto was the barracks, but it turned out that was all I needed to anchor my counteroffensive. I managed to stall the enemy then counter attack, taking back each and destroying the small attack force. When I finally got back to the front with the Americans, I had an unpleasant surprise. They had fielded a few Pershing heavy tanks, which outclassed anything I had. Regardless of that, it could only get worse, so I threw everything I had into an all out attack. 

It went better than expected. I destroyed the Pershings with sheer numbers, and severely damaged the enemy army. However, my army was too badly beaten to carry the attack to the HQ, so it ended up being inconclusive - and anything less than a victory would spell doom. I had one enemy of comparative strength and far superior technology, who would likely be hell bent on my destruction, and a powerful neighbor who completely outclassed me and could've crushed me earlier. My strength laid in numbers, and I had lost those numbers and my income flow had been greatly damaged in the German attack.

So, I prepared to fight a defensive battle. I dug in behind the four bridges leading into my territory, with 90mm guns trained on the horizon, infantry lying in wait in the forests, reconassaince units spread throughout the area, and what few tanks I could get to back them up. 

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