Chapter 13: Holy potatoes

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"No," Keith said dryly. 

"What about that one?" I asked.


"That one?" Mark asked. 


"This one?" I asked. 

"Holy potatoes," Keith muttered. "No, no and let's see, NO!" 

We walked through the fair for a while and both Mark and I were getting tired. "Are we there yet Keith?" I asked. 

"Here it is," He muttered making Mark and I look up. There was a little baby cow in front of us. 

I ran toward it and kneeled next to it. "Aww, you little baby, you're so cute," I said in a baby voice petting it. Mark kneeled down next to me and started to pet the cow. "What do you want to name it?" 

"I don't know," He said, 

"What about Nemoo?" I asked making him laugh. 

"What about Wasabi?" He asked making me laugh. 

"Nemoo Wasabi," We said in unison. Keith grabbed the rope that was tied around Wasabi's neck and gave it to me. 

"Get up, we're leaving," He said. 

"We can't just take it," I told Keith getting up. 

"Do you want a cow or not?" He asked. 

"I do but-" 

"No buts, take him," Keith said making me snicker. "Why are you laughing?"

"You said buts,"

"So immature," He muttered to himself walking away. I grabbed the rope and started to follow Keith with mark and Wasabi. 

"It's cute isn't it?" I asked Mark and he nodded. "It's such a cute little tiny baby, oh dios mio!" I said in a baby voice. (Translation: Oh my god!) 


I took a selfie with the cow and sent it to Will. I put the cow on my lap and pet it. "Moo," Wasabi said. I was melting inside at how cute it was. It was like a little tiny cute potato. I hugged it as it mooed again and licked my face.

"Oh my god, you're so cute," I said. Suddenly my phone started to ring. "Hello?"

"Hey, I found a great house," Will said. 

"Really, for how much?" I asked. 

"Four hundred thousand dollars," He replied. 

"Nicee, what does it look like?" I asked. 

"It's two story, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a small backyard, an average sized living room, a small kitchen and a game room,"  He replied. 

"MOOOOO!" Wasabi said. 

"Did you get a cow?" 

"Yess! It's so cute!" I said excitedly. 

"What did you name it?" He asked. 

"Nemoo Wasabi," 

"Nice name, I'll come and pick you up in 10," He said. "And tell Keith, Dylan and Mark that they're staying over whether they like it or not," 

"Okay, bye," 


We stopped at the house and I got off holding Wasabi. Keith opened the door and Mark and I walked in. "Hey," Dylan greeted and then went back to watching T.V. 

"Guys, you're all staying over at our house whether you like it or not," I said. 

"Did you guys find a house?" Dylan asked and I nodded. "Nice, I'm definitely coming," 

"I'm coming," Mark said making me high five him. 

"I'll come," Keith said. 

"Aye, the unicorn is coming," I joked smiling while Keith glared at me. Suddenly we heard Dylan laughing loudly from upstairs. We all walked upstairs- including Wasabi- and walked into Dylan's room. He was on the ground laughing his head off- not literally though, that would be bad. "What happened?"

"The video... Keith," He managed to say in between laughs but that was enough to make all of us understand what he meant. Keith turned around and glared at Mark and I. 

"Run," He mouthed to us. 

"AHHHHH!" We both screamed running in different directions.  

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