Chapter 13: Holy potatoes

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Chapter 13: Holy potatoes

"I have an idea!" I exclaimed. "We should creep up on Dylan and Keith and scare them," 

"That is the best I idea you've had," He said getting up. We both walked up stairs and I followed Mark toward Dylan's room. He slowly opened the door revealing Keith sprawled on the bed sleeping. Instead of walking toward the bed, Mark walked toward the closet and opened the door. He got out two white sheets and handed one to me. I put the white sheet over my head and so did Mark. 

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, GHOSTS!" I heard Keith yell. I pulled the sheet off me and looked laughing my head off. He was in the corner of the room holding up and lamp and closing his eyes. "Not funny guys,"

"I got it all on camera," Mark said holding up his phone. 

"Nice," I said high fiving him.

"DELETE IT!" Keith yelled pouncing on top of Mark. Mark threw the phone at me and I caught it opening the door and running down stairs. I saw Keith glaring at me from the top of the stairs. Before I knew it, he was running down the stairs aiming for the phone. I screamed and ran around the house. 

"Naomi, over here!" Mark yelled. I looked over at him and threw the phone at him. 

"Quick, send it to Dylan and I!" I yelled at him making him start tapping something on the phone. "Keith! Look there is food on the counter!" 

He didn't stop 

"Oi, Keith, look at the unicorn onesie! It would suit you!" 


"Keith, deja de macarrones con papas y queso!" I yelled random words in Spanish. (Translation: Keith, stop you macaroni and cheese potato!)

Keith stopped. 

"Holy mary, you finally stopped," I muttered to myself.   

"Could you translate it to English?" He asked. 

"I said; Keith, stop you macaroni and cheese potato," 


I looked at my phone and then at Keith. I leapt toward it almost hitting my head in the process. I quickly got up from the ground and put the phone behind my back."Keith listen, let's go buy Mark and I a cow, and then we'll delete the video," I said. "Right Mark?"

"Yep," He replied. 

"Let's go buy you guys a cow then," Keith muttered picking up some keys that were on the table. 

"YESS!" Mark and I said in unison doing a victory dance. 


"Naomi, wake up," I felt someone shaking me so I opened my eyes and saw Mark. 

"Where am I?" I asked in a groggy voice. 

"We're here to buy a cow," Mark said. 

"Oooh, let's go!" I exclaimed pushing Mark out of the truck. 

"Are you guys coming or not?" Keith asked making Mark and I run toward him. 

"Why are we at a fair?" I asked looking at Keith in a confused way. 

"Yeah, why are we at a fair?" Mark asked. 

"Do you guys want a cow or not?"

"We do," Mark and I said in unison. 

"Then shush," Keith said leading us through the fair. 

"Can we go on that ride?" Mark asked. 

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