Alison POV

I know that the second I walk through the front door of my house I know that something is wrong. And boy am I right when I can hear Mom and Dad talking frantically in a room. Well, Mom is. Dad, as always, is trying to calm her down kindly using his soft, serene voice that he uses when Mom has a mental breakdown.

I try to decipher what they say but all I can get out is, "how am I supposed to tell her? I promised myself I would never go back-" "Jess we do not need to make any decisions right now, okay? I will tell Alison. Just take a bath and relax, okay? Everything will work out."

I frown as I put my bag down on the island, seeing Dad already walking into the room where I am. "Hey kiddo, how was school?"

I shrug, "it was good. I got a 100 on my Calculus test and a 110 on my AP English because of the extra credit I did."

Dad smiles so hard that it reaches his eyes and the twinkle in them make me feel some sort of way that could be defined as pride in myself. I love it when he gives me that look, the look that says he is so proud of me and I will never get tired of it.

"That is wonderful, Alison. I always knew you would be so bright." He places his hand on top of my shoulder and I can feel a "talk" coming on. My breath comes out of my mouth in a loud sigh, "just tell me."

Dad's eyebrows pull together in confusion, "what do you mean Pumpkin?"

I chuckle and cock my head to the side, "the news that Mom is having a mental breakdown over. What's going on?" I cross my arms over my chest, not to be rude, but to prepare myself for the bad news. Mom can overreact but I never like her upset. The woman went through enough crap with me while she had to raise me by herself.

By herself until Dad came into our lives when I was 6. You see, my mother was 17 when she gave birth to me. She told me that she used to date a man who is biological father, Aric Moore. 

Then, right when she told him that she was pregnant with me, he left her faster than you could say "teen mom". Mom instantly fled to Florida where she worked her ass off to raise me alone because of what my jackass of a biological father did.

But then Dad showed up. And boy, did he save our asses. Him and Mom fell in love and Dad instantly joined our family and he has been Dad ever since. And he is my real dad, despite what people may think.

Family does not have to be by blood.

It is bonded by love. 

And I love Dad.

"Your mother got an email that she printed, then showed me...the email made her upset and reminded her of...the past."

Ah. It has to be about Kentucky. Whenever Mom is upset about "the past", it involves Kentucky which is where the entire shit show with Aric went down.

"What email?" Totally risky, I know but I had to take a leap. I want to know what or who is making my mother upset. She did so much for me and I have to do stuff for her now.

Dad sighs and looks at me with a sympathetic look, "here."

He hands me a paper and I read it, confusion coating my face.

Obituary of Sophia Anna Moore

Loving friend, wife, and mother.

I move my eyes down from the obituary picture and see what Aric said in it,

Tell Alison. Please.

I travel my gaze back up to Dad and he sighs, "she wants to go-" "what? No. No Dad no way it is bad enough Aric visits once a year."

Dad sighs, "Alison, please. Think of your mother. She needs this. need this. I know that you are curious about them." I snort, "no I am not."

Dad does a half teasing smile and laughs, "whatever you say Pumpkin. But think about it. She needs her closure."

I stare at him and already know my answer. Of course I'll go. But Dad knows how much I hate funeral homes. Especially dead people. Ever since I was trapped in an open grave with a dead body in the forest? I hate dead things. Most importantly people.

I know that sounds whack but I am being fully honest. I was with a girl scout group when I was younger and it was dark, in the woods when I somehow was left astray until I fell into that retched ditch.

I mean, really? Who leaves a dead body in the...whatever. Alison, don't go there because you know, that if you do, you will hyperventilate and eventually pass out.

I break out of my reminiscing moment and smile weakly at Dad, "I'll go...only for Mom, though."

Dad grins, "thank you Pumpkin."

He kisses the top of my head, then hugs me tightly before he tells me to pack for an overnight stay.

Going to my biological father's hometown where Mom says craziness lies within his pathetic motorcycle club and the security company he works at. Not only do I have to see that, but I have to see some dead woman?

Anyways...who the hell is Sophia?

And why did Aric want me to know so badly?

And why was Mom so upset about Sophia dying?


Why do you think Jessica is so upset?

Who is Sophia?

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