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   "Are you ready Trick?" Pete grinned wildly feeling his heart speed up slightly at the knowledge of what was to come when his name was being announced over the speaker.

  Walking out onto the stage, Patrick felt at least a thousand eyes casting down on him but he wasn't nervous not really. He didn't feel the nerves rise up in him like he used to. Anxiety didn't overcome him anymore- he overcame it. Looking up, the principal was holding out his diploma with a smile on his face. Taking the paper with a friendly nod he walked off stage to where Alex and Jack were, welcoming him with wide grins and pats on the backs.

   Soon enough, Gerard, Mikey, Ryan, Pete and Brendon were coming off the stage, Pete running up and swinging Patrick in the air chanting "We made it Babe!" Sounding amazed at his own progress.
  "Im so fucking sad! Pat and Pete are leaving and i wont see them for fucking ever." Brendon sobbed as he walked up feeling like actual shit with eyeliner running down his face.

   "About that... remember when i said me and Patrick had a surprise to tell you?" Pete said, feeling his cheeks hurt from smiling. "Y-Yeah?" He choked out, leaning on Ryan for support.

  "Well the surprise is that... we are moving to L.A. With you guys! We got signed Bren. Our band made it." Pete said, watching his best friends face flash from confusion to happiness as tears streamed down his face. "I- Im so fucking happy! Are you guys serious? Holy fucking shit oh my god im crying! God damnit!" Brendon said looking incredibly happy as he started jumping up and down practically bouncing on his heels.
   Everything was perfect. In fact, in both Pete and Patrick's life they could never imagine a time more perfect than this moment. Nothing had ever gone together more perfectly than this. Nothing. And it was all because of a bad night full of elegant music, the golden scenery and a boy who changed it all.


HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE END. OH MY GOD. WOW. I never thought id get this far. since May 2016 to January 2017. Im actually proud of myself.

Anyways, all of his was because of you. The encouragement and motivation I've had through this story even when i did update for a month like the loser i am. Its because of your comments and votes that I've made it this far and i will continue to write. I also have to thank all the bands that have inspired me more than i will ever know.

I will probably write an epilogue after this so keep that in mind but anyways keep your dreams alive and do anything it takes to get there. You just have to keep your head up a find a way. I promise.


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