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It took a week to track her down well to track down a wolf who claimed to know where she might be, and that was enough to give Phil hope.

He may have been a jerk but longing for his mate seems to have mellowed him out somewhat. He's taken quite a liking to Racheal and Bella, (though he doesn't know that they were left here most likely by his mate) and they in return have taken a liking to him.

It's been three days since Ashton called or text and I'm beginning to miss him. I know it's foolish and silly, but I can't help it. Just the thought of him can make me smile, even when I'm smarting off or dragging my feet I still enjoy his presence. After all that happened I decided it was the time to keep my promise and so here we are. In town., in an ice cream parlor. In a both happily chatting about anything and everything.

"-So then I said if I can't have a rainbow rabbit, why get a rabbit at all? And daddy said I was absolutely correct and then took mommy's arm walked right out of the pet store! Then there was the time-"

"May I join you, ladies?" Startled Racheal looks up before nodding enthusiastically "Come sit next to me, Philly!"

Philly, the cringe worthy nickname she had given Phil after meeting him for the first time. Phil had smiled like he'd won the lottery when she'd used it the first time. And no one dared make fun either let's just say when a pup mad her cry he literally broke the poor things bike and had to be restrained from doing more damage!

"Do you like your ice cream, Ladybug?" Yep the big mucho warrior wolf had also affectionately nicknamed both the girls. Ladybug and monkey.

"It's simply marvel-les! Do you like your ice cream Mama lama?"

A silly grin breaks out on Phil's face at my nickname. Yeah, yeah, Mama lama is my nickname. It's even more ridiculous then Phil's but I find myself totally okay with it.

"It's perfect, Laughy taffy."

She giggles before turning her attention back to Phil and begins to tell him all about the unicorn she'd almost caught. Looking over I see Bella, ice cream covering the lower half of her face sound asleep in her high chair. I can't help but smile as I take a picture, before cleaning her up as best as I can and picking her up and setting her on my lap, with her head on my shoulder. I can't believe how attached I've become in the short time we've spent together but I would do anything for these two.

After a half hour or so Racheal was finally ready to leave. Though her chatter continued to the car and half way back before she lost the battle with the sand man and fell into a quiet slumber. When we finally arrived home the pack house was almost completely dark, shutting of the engine I text Phil to see if he could come help me take the girls to bed without waking them.

Almost as soon as I sent it I received a positive reply, and the front door opened. Getting out I unlocked the car so Phil could pick up Racheal as I picked up Bella. After locking the car and closing the front door we walked the short distance to the girls room and laid them down, before ushering Phil out of bed so I could change them into their night dresses and tuck them in.

Shutting their door quietly I cross the hallway to my own room and flop down on the bed. Checking my phone for any missed calls or messages but again just like every night there wasn't any. I mean seriously people how do you expect me to answer all zero of these at once? I'm only one person you know!

Sighing I plugged in my phone and changed into my pajamas before tackling some paperwork and finally calling it a day.



"I'm right here, Joey." He jumps startled as he turns before examining my appearance.

"Aren't you dressed yet? We have to be at the restaurant in ten minutes!"

"I am ready, Joey. I thought you liked this outfit." I look down at my leather jacket and blue skater dress, before glancing back to Joey. "Does it look that bad?"

"Of course not, babe, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?"

"I can change if you think I should..."

Connecting his arms around my shoulders he frowns "Babe, why would I want you to change? You know I love you no matter how you look. And besides the restaurant is dimly lit so no one will see, don't worry." Kissing my forehead he leads me out the door which turns out to be inside the restaurant.

Sitting in the very back I can't help but be grateful that our booth has the least light. Pouring over the menu we finally order

"I'll have your a medium steak with mashed potatoes and steamed veg."

"Alright and for you Ms.?"

"I think I'll have the meatloaf, with mashed potatoes and a small salad. Thank you." Taking our menus the waiter leaves to fill our orders.

"Why did you order so much?"

"What do you mean?"

"I know you've been eating more lately but are you sure you'll be able to eat all the food you ordered? It's already costing me enough I don't need you to waste it."

"I can change my order if you want-"

"Of course not! I want you to eat what you want to eat. After all what's a few months of indulging, compared to a lifetime of eating right? I'm sure you won't gain that much weight, don't worry so much, I'll love you know matter what you look like."


Thankfully the ring of my phone woke me,



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