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Everything had been going so well but in the end it all crashes.


"I want to sleep." Pete dragged on as he laid in bed wiping his eyes tiredly. It was a Saturday evening and he had gone out with a few of his friends before returning home early in the afternoon.

"Well you can fall asleep at anytime but i have homework that i want to finish." Patrick sassed from the nearby desk, attempting to write an essay on Galileo. Of course he would much rather hang out with Pete but he had always strived to get good grades, never being able to get higher than a B with his father in the way.
  Now that he had no excuse to fail he decided to aim high in his education so he could make money in the future and not have to leach off his boyfriend.

    "Its no fun sleeping with out youuu." He whined once more.
"Come on Trick you can do this tomorrow. I'll go get you coffee in the morning. Please?" Pete begged, crossing his fingers.

"Ugh! Fine." He sighed, putting his pencil down and taking off his fedora before changing into pajamas and crawling into bed, feeling Pete's arms tangle around him. That warm sensation could never really get old, that feeling of not being alone and cared for. The two couldn't quite remember what it felt like to sleep alone anymore because being together was much better than being apart. They were in love and thats all that mattered for them.


     "Good heavens!"

The minute Pete woke up he knew that a storm was coming. A fucking life changing shit storm that was going to throw everything he planned off track.

The moment he opened his eyes to his mothers shrill voice he felt his stomach drop. Dressed up in her church clothes she was staring down at the two boys who's limbs were still tangled under the sheets. Her drawn on lips were locked in a circle for a second, paralyzed from the shock until her eyebrows lowered and the Most fiery hatred took over her face.

  "Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz! What in the name of the lord are you doing! You have become a faggot!" She screamed, waking up Patrick with a start.
Pete didn't know what to say at first but thought denying it might help.

"No mom I swear i was just helping him sleep because he had a nightmare!" He yelled out, trying to stop the flow of shit coming from her mouth.

"No your not! Your going directly against Gods word! Im appalled! My son is a god damned faggot!" She literally screeched out further. Pete knew he wouldn't be able to keep up this act for very long, being the perfect christian son. It just wasn't going to happen. Yet he didn't think it would be this soon. Well if he was going to be kicked out then he might as well leave with a boom.

   "You know what? So fucking what if i am gay, its better be out and free than closeted here. This family isn't even a family at all! Its just a fucking shit show. I don't believe in god and i certainly don't hate gay people. Im not wearing a mask anymore and your going to have to accept that or kick me out." Pete glared at his mom while Patrick stared between the two, wondering what what going to happen and worrying of what he was saying. All these words Pete was spewing off had the potential to take away his home, his boyfriend and his life.

  "Y-You are a failure! Leave this house and don't come back until satan has disgraced you!" His mom yelled, slamming the door and storming off.

The boys froze. On one hand, they both knew this would happen. On the other hand they didn't think it would be this soon or happen like this. Pete was supposed to protect Patrick from bad things and this was possibly one of the worst decisions he had made.

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