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"Phil, w-why are you bleeding?" Dan asked, suddenly extremely worried. Up close he looked so much worse.
"I'm fine" phil smiles and tries to prove it by standing up, except his knees buckle under him.
Dans tiger like reflexes snap into play and he reaches out to catch him.
Phil falls into Dans shoulders. Before he is gently placed back on to the floor.
"Doesn't look like it" Dan points out.
"It was just some other people, I'm fine, really" Phil insists.
Dan stands shocked. Other people? He was beat up?
"I know you don't really know me but you can trust me, we need to report this" Dan says shyly.

Phil is surprised at this guys kindness. He sometimes sees dan on his own at lunch, sitting in the library. So he knows he doesn't exactly talk to many people.
"Thanks dan but we can't report it" Phil says glumly, slumping his head into his knees.
"Why not?" Dan questions.
"Because it's happened so many times and the school never dies a damn thing about it" Phil says sadly whilst wiping a definite tear from his red cheek.
"Oh" dan sighs. He sits next to phil, awkwardly consoling him by rubbing his back.
By now Phil is sobbing into his knees.
He appreciates dans help, but he's paranoid he's not who he appears to be. after all, who can phil trust after everything that's happened to him?

"Let's go to the bathroom and clean you up" Dan suggests softly, standing up and leading phil to the men's bathroom in the corridor. The door creaks as dan opens it.
Dan knows he should be at class by now, but again. His teacher doesn't give a shit about him. Dan can't decide if that's beneficial or not. Dan takes a handful of paper towels and wets them slightly under the cold water from the steel tap.
"Come here" he gestures for phil to take a few steps towards him.
Nervously, Dan wipes the blood from phil's nose. Trying not to hurt him. He does the same to a wide gash on his cheek, then again on a Nasty slash on his bottom lip.

"Thanks dan" phil smiles weakly
"Here" dan hands phil a piece of paper with his number written on it.
After looking at the folded slip, phil puts it carefully in his pocket.
"Thanks" phil says gratefully.

"So you're an anathema too?" Dan asks playfully.
"Guess so" phil smiles, a real one this time.

The first real one in a while.

Ayo I'm in the car ready for a two hour drive so I'm writing a lot of parts. Yay!!! Also if you don't know what anathema means, it means 'a detested Person'

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