Kyle x Cartman's sister Reader ((EDITED))

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Warning swearing and a possibility of spelling mistakes!! Thankyou!!


Being Eric's twin sister has its pros and cons.

Pros~ having some sort of respect, doing the strangest things around town, having lots of friends.

And the Cons~ everyone thinks I'm rude like my dumbass brother, little kids are scared of me and the worst one, and one of Cartman's biggest rule that is known around south park is that NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO DATE ME WITHOUT CARTMAN'S PERMISSION!!

Like what rule is that!! And the saddest thing is that Cartman hates my crush Kyle.

So here I am today in class ignoring Mr Garrison talking about something, while I talk to myself staring blankly at the front of the classroom, my train of thought was interrupted by the annoying sound of the bell, I quickly pick up my books and rushed out the classroom to my locker.

When I finally got to my locker, a familiar ginger approached me with a large smile "Hey (y/n)".

"H-hey Kyle" I said shyly, the heat rushing to my cheeks in a deep red blush.

"So are you going to Wendy's pool party tonight?" He said with a questionable look, it was so adorable.

"Y-Yeah, Wendy's parties are so cool!" You said with an excited look on your face.

"Cool! I'll see you there" Kyle said with a smile walking away and you gave a small smile back.

~Kyle's POV~

YES!! I can't wait until tonight! (y/n) is going. maybe I can tell her my feelings but Cartman will never say yes for me to date her. I tried so hard to stop my feelings towards her but it never works, it's almost impossible to forget her enchanting eyes and her beauty, she forever stuck in my head. Tonight is going to be awesome.

~Time skip brought to you by cheesy poofs~

~Your POV~

I arrived at Wendy's house with my swim suit underneath my big shirt (that I stole from Cartman), I stepped inside the house and the smell of alcohol burnt my nose. I started looking around to find my friends but couldn't so I went outside near the pool, all the girls in the pool are dressing in tiny bikinis but the only thing that caught my eyes was the last thing that I wouldn't ever say in the corner of the yard was Kyle making out with BEBE.

The next thing I know I was slowly walking towards them with tears rushing down my cheeks, "K-Kyle?" I said in a very shaky voice, Kyle stopped and looked at me like a deer in headlights. After that I ran out of the house, into the street.

~Kyle's POV~

Once I arrived at Wendy's house the place was crowded with drunk teenagers everywhere but the only person on my mind was (y/n) but I couldn't find her in the house, so I when to look for her outside.

While outside I couldn't find her, so I went in the pool for a little bit while swimming around I accidentally bumped into Bebe who had the smallest bikini in the world, she turned around and said " Hey watch it! Oh... Sorry Kyle, I thought it was a perv trying to get some."

"It's ok Bebe, I was getting out anyway" I said not being rude and quickly stepping out of the pool.

"May I join you?" she questioned (what I thought) innocently so I just nodded completely forgetting about (y/n).


After talking to Bebe for a while, she looked around but stopped in one direction and her face lit up with mischief and leaned close to my face and kissed me, she trapped me in her arms and I couldn't bloody move, she fucking put me in a death hold after a few minutes, Bebe started making out with me so I let her.

"K-Kyle?" I looked at the person and it was (y/n) with tears running down her beautiful but hurt eyes and that's when my heart broke, she ran away from me and out of the home.

And just to make the situation worse Bebe decided to open her mouth "Come on Kyle, you don't need her you have me now and I'm an improvement from that bitch".

Now I'm pissed off "Actually you're a down grade from her she is beautiful and stunning" I said running after the one girl I love (y/n).

I ran up and down the street looking for (y/n), I was about to give up until I heard soft cries coming from stark's pond I slowly walked towards the cries and saw a heartbroken girl with (h/c) hair lightly flowing in the wind.

I slowly approach her and wrapped my arms around her neck giving her a bear hug, she slightly jumped at my touch but calmed down a little bit, I could still hear her slowly crying than heard a faint mumble "K-Kyle? why are you here?"

"Because I'm so sorry, Bebe is a bitch and she forced it and i care about you" she was slightly shocked so I let go of her and sat next to her, she looked at me with watery eyes and a dark blush on her cheeks which made her look so cute.

"K-Kyle? why are you staring at me like that?"

"Because you are so beautiful I just can't look away" I admitted with the heat rushing to my cheeks.

We got closer to each other, we both leaned in and with full of passion we kissed, it felt like fireworks.

We pulled away because of oxygen and I stared at her breathless, "what if Cartman finds out?"

"Fuck him I love you to much to lose you" I said blushing like crazy. "I love you so much (y/n) please be mine?" She nodded and kissed my cheek, she put her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her waist and that's when I knew I was the luckiest guy in the world.

Finally, I'm done, ok REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN!! Anyway on to the next story!! Bye guys!!

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