Chapter 10- Blades

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Believe it or not, I'm not dead!!!! As I said, I'll try to post on weekends!!! I really dont wanna waste time, so I'm going to just go ahead and start.

Here it goes!!!

Annabeth POV

Just the person I wanted to see, Ares. Oh joy. And Percy was no where to be seen. Even better. Ares had a smirk on his face, but fire in his eyes. Literally. Oh my gods. What do we do now?

"Where is that sea-spawn?" Ares asked with his deep voice. "If you don't just tell me now, then I have other plans," he said as he drew his swords.

Ugh. I hated his logic. As a daughter of Athena, all I have to say, is that he's stupid.

"Shut up." I said. Oh wait, I did this before. It didn't go all that good. I decided to change the game a little. "G-get away from us." I stuttered on purpose and made my voice shake a bit. Clarisse looked at me with a questioning look. I told her with my eyes to play along on this little charade.

", I'm sorry. Please believe me. Forgive me and I'll do anything you say. I-I'll do a anything."

For a second I actually almost believed her. She sounded convincing. But I think on some parts, she might actually be talking from her heart. But right now, I needed to trust her.

"I'll spare both of you if you cooperate because you guys aren't half bad. But you Clarisse, won't be forgiven. I'll deal with that later. But now, where is Jackson?" Ares said this calmly. He didn't seem to be in a hurry. He might actually be kind of scared. But I wasn't too sure.

"He's...he's..." then I began to run. I turned my back and ran as fast as I could.

C'mon Percy. Where are you?

Clarisse followed my example. I kept running and running. Clarisse kept running along my side without asking any questions which was weird. I decided not to ponder over this for now. I looked back. Oh my gods. How was he this fast?

He was merely walking, well it looked like it. He was moving his legs in a slow motion action but he covered so much land it couldn't be called walking. He is a god after all. He could've just transported in front of us. I guess he really isn't in a rush.

Finally, we reached the shore. Yes! Please come now Percy, you could have home advantage. You'd be near the water.

"Ohh, I get it now. You want that little punk to be here to save your asses. Oh well. Your hero didn't show up. And for that little show you put up back there, I'll let you die first, blondie." Ares said as he put away his two swords into thin air. Out of nothing, a bow and arrow appeared in his hands. I thought for a while. Why would he use that? He always prefers swords. Even though I was scared, it left me dumbfounded.

It snapped. He didn't want to go closer to the water. He's actually scared of my seaweed brain. Percy did beat him twice.

He pulled the arrow back and had it steady. Think Annabeth, think. Nothing came to me. For the first time, I couldn't think of anything. I defeated Arachne, but I couldn't even think of anything against Ares.

I closed my eyes ready for the worst. But I guess the worst never came, instead the best did, Percy Jackson.

Ares released the arrow, and in that moment so much happened. The air began to become dense. It was thick, and the temperature rose. Green light shone, similar to that of a god's. But it was different. The energy was unique. Nothing to that of anything else's. I closed my eyes ready for the worst. But it never came, instead the best did. In fact, it was the best of the best. It was Percy Jackson. I didn't know how, and I didn't care. I don't know where he was, or how he came back. I don't even know how he just appeared like that. All that matters is that he came.

Right that second, just as he came, he deflected the arrow. It was the swiftness of his moves that made it so elegant. I've never seen him fight like that.

Ares kept firing arrow after arrow, but all his shots were in vain. Percy blocked of the arrows with the flat of his blade. His reflexes were as quick as ever. Where did he get this much power? His fighting was one I've never seen before. The art was flawless. He wore a straight face full of concentration. Finally, Ares just snapped. He was tired of it.

"That's it! You're going down!" Ares yelled. "I'm going to use it!"

Wait, what? Use what? Does he have a secret weapon or something? Right then, Percy asked what I was thinking.

"Use what? You aren't giving up are you? If you are, that's good. Continuing to fight is no use. You won't win." Percy said. I knew where he was getting. He was trying to be cocky and get Ares mad, to catch his guard down. He learned it from yours truly.

But what we saw next stole our breath. A bright red light made us avert our eyes. When we turned back, what we saw was frightening. He had two glowing red swords in each hand. The tip was twinkling with energy and light. The blade was glowing red, but the middle of the blade was running with black. The black was as dark as a black hole. The swords were breathtaking. The energy that came off of it was overwhelming. I looked over at Clarisse. She even seemed surprised. I guess even his own children didn't know of his secret weapon. I then turned to Percy, but he didn't even seem scared. He kept his cool and had a straight face with his jaw set. He was determined.

When I thought the surprises were over, another one hit me. I looked again at Percy, but a green light made me turn away quickly. What's happening now?

I turned back at him, but what I saw was almost too stunning for me to comprehend. Percy was surrounded with green aura that was the same shade as his eyes. His eyes. They were glowing sea green, like an emerald. They were full of energy. Power. How did he have so much?

Ares had fear in his eyes. All of us knew, even with those swords, he couldn't take on Percy. Not like that.

But even with the odds, he charged.

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