Till Death Do Us Part

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(chapter 1)

it all started with the wedding when i had no idea what i was getting myself into. i was just 18 and married when i felt like i was just rushing into things becuase i thought that i was going to change my mind. i was going on my honeymoon when i saw her i saw a woman in white running, running, running.  running right off the bridge. STOP! i yelled at the top of my lungs at the cab driver. the car came to a skreeching stop. i looked over the bridge but i didn't see her it was like she had vanished. when we got to india i still couldn't get the image out of my head of that woman in white it was like a never ending nightmare.

i couldn't sleep for days on end and i was a wreck. i couldn't think about anyhting but that woman. she was like cocaine so addictive to think of, to dream about, to want to know why she did what she did. was she even real or just a figment of my emagination. i just didn't feel real. it was like my own mini horror movie but i was the star. What made her life so misrable to make her want to kill herself i mean her life can't be that bad. or can it?i have never experenced life or death situastions but by judging what that lady just did it must be pretty misruble. i can't even stand to think what happened to her to make her want to do that. 

well i need to get some rest i have a big day tomorrow and we are going to a very fancy restraunt. when i slept i had a dream of the lady watching me jump off the bridge and i disapperaed before her eyes. but i really just drowned in the water because it keept pulling me under. but when i drowned i julted awake panting, gasping for breath. i got up to spash some water on my face and to get a cold drink of water. the feelling when i hit the water was just so scary it took my breath away. 

i felt sick when we go home the next evening and i couldn't breath it was so frighting that this is happening im not running a fever and i don't feel like i could die its just that i can think my head is thumping and pounding. the blood is rushing and i can feel it. it burns!!!! my husband calls the doctor and he rushes over to the hotel. he said i might be pregnet but its not possible we haven't done it before and we don't plan to now. he said sometimes it just happenes depending on my condision. 

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