a lil pup and a big shooting

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I'm on my bed, it's raining, and I hear small whimpers coming from the back alley behind my house, I get up and put on my coat, I head to the alley way, I see a small box and the whispers are coming from it, I look inside and see a lil pup, he's so small and cute, I pick him up and bring him inside, I run some hot water in the sink and I set him inside to warm him up, I hear him whimpering,"you must be hungry...", I grab some bacon, carrots and beef out of the fridge, I heat it up and grab a cooking knife, I mince the carrots and chop up the meet and mix it all together, I grab a couple of old bowls an  put water in on  and the food in another, I set it down, I set him next to it and he immediately starts eating,"well someone was definitely Hungry",I pet the small pup and head back to the bedroom, I make my bed and go grab some breakfast, I have a blueberry bagel and a cup of coffee, the pup comes and leans on my leg, I pick him up and set him in my lap, he lays down and looks like he's about to fall asleep, I get up and set him on my bed, he immediately falls asleep, I realize that I need money, I head to the bank, I get in line to make a withdrawal, suddenly the alarms go off and I see some people with guns holding people at gunpoint, it wasn't Ashley group, it was someone else's group, I pull out my revolver and shoot the closest one to me , he's holding a  Thompson, once he drops it I pick it up and start shooting, I got 4 of then down when the police show up, I start running, the police start chasing me, obviously thinking I was part of it, I take to the rooftops, I keep running, I get to the roof of my house and climb down through the roof hatch, luckily the police didn't see me do it so I get down and land on the floor, I close the curtains and lock my door with all 5 locks, I fall on the bed and doze off.

Sorry it's short

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