♪ Chapter 24

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C H A P T E R 24

*Chase's POV*

"Chase," Keara snapped, as I lay on the floor of her bedroom, "Chris wants us all in the dining area in five minutes to vote on who's getting the important parts in the concert."

"That's nice to know." I drawled, staring up at the ceiling.

"Well get up, mess your hair up a little bit and walk with me."

"Why would I mess my hair up?" I had spent longer than usual putting gel in my hair and wasn't fond of the idea.

"Because you're leaving my cabin? I don't want people to realize that all you've been doing is lying on the god damn floor."

I rolled my eyes and got to my feet. "Whatever my beloved."

Her eyes narrowed hearing my sarcastic tone, "Maybe you should start acting a bit more like my boyfriend."

I laughed at this, "I sit by you every day. I pretend to laugh at your jokes- because lets be honest. That's all anyone can do, pretend. Your jokes are terrible. And last but not least, I even let you kiss me yesterday! What else do you want?"

"The deal was that you would act like my proper boyfriend! I don't want you to scowl when I touch you, be rigid when I kiss you or run off with another girl!"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Please. You jumped up to start a fight with that guy just for May." She spoke her name bitterly, "You think I don't know that you went off with that whore after?"

I snarled under my breath, "Don't say shit about her, Keara."

"I'll say a lot more if you don't pull yourself together."

I let out a heavy breath, glaring at the almighty bitch with hatred. "Lets go." I ordered, storming out the door.

We had gotten home from LA the night before and May was glowing. Even though she wouldn't look me in the eye, I knew that she had started to realise that there was more to the story. I couldn't believe she would think that I'd go off with Keara without a good enough reason. A smile lingered on my lips, thinking of the kiss.

Keara grabbed my hand as we approached the entrance of the dining area, but I ignored the thought of it. The smile still on my lips as I remembered the feeling of her lips on mine, smoothness of her skin, the way she cursed at me while kissing me.

"Took you long enough." Max muttered glaring at Keara and I as we entered. Cassie turned to him and gave him a 'shut up' look. Cassie knew. It killed her to keep it to herself, but she knew why I was doing this just like Caleb did and Josh did.

I sat down at the table that Keara had claimed, beside Stella- my former Turn It Up camp mate, the sleaze James and few more of their followers. Chris entered, Kelly by his side. I watched as Kelly's eyes found May, making sure she was okay. 

"On the table, you are sitting at, there are sheets explaining the rules to voting. All acts that auditioned for the concert will of course perform, yet they may not perform in one of the desired positions for example; the opening or closing act." Chris explained. He didn't even bother saying hello to us anymore. I had a feeling that we were driving him to insanity. "In the concert field, there has been a sort of voting ballad set up. For the opening act, Mr Williams memorial act, audience participation act and the closing act. You will write your vote and a piece of paper and place them in the ballad. Voting closes at three o clock. By five O' clock this evening, the results will be announced. Does everybody understand?"

There was a chorus of yes sir and not really, which caused me to roll my eyes. "You're going to vote for me, right?" Keara smiled at me with fake adoration- or perhaps real adoration. I wasn't sure. The girl was delusional enough to fall for me and my dazzling smile.

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