Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

All the blood in her veins turned to ice water. She waited for the twinge, for her gut to tell her that Carrie lied.


Her emotions swirled like a hurricane. Fury. Horror. And, surprisingly, distress. She pushed them down, shoved them immediately into a box, and schooled her features. "Of course. Does he know to expect you?"

"Actually, it's more of a surprise."

Damn right it was. "One moment please."

She tried not to notice the way her finger shook as she dialed.

"What's up, Kamree?" Daxton answered.

Kamree cleared her throat. And prayed to the Creator that her voice stayed strong. "Sir, your fiancee is here."


"I'll be out in a moment."

He gave no hint of being anything but calm. And yet, Kamree felt like she couldn't breathe. How could he be so cool and collected?

"It'll be just a minute, ma'am," she said. "Can I get you anything, else? Water?" Please say yes. Please give me a reason to go somewhere else.

"No." Carrie pulled her big, light beige purse into her chest, protectively, and leaned over the counter. The exact same thing Daxton had done not an hour before. Only when she did it, Kamree felt trapped. Claustrophobic.

The other woman's chin went up. "Tell me, Kamree. How did you meet my fiancee?"

"I was fortunate enough to get this job. Daxton and I started working around the same time."

Carrie picked at an invisible thread on her sleeve. "Interesting. Do you always call him Daxton at work? That seems a bit...unprofessional."

Fire shot through her stomach. "You're right. I'm sorry."

Working in a major production company meant sometimes you had to suffer through customers who loved to hate on everything. Or ones that could never be satisfied. This would be one of those, only amplified. Carrie was Daxton's fiancee, and Kamree lived with him. Of course, she'd feel threatened.

"Carrie, I want to apologize. If I'd knew Mr. Cavenaugh was engaged, I would never have--"

"Be sure to remember that," Carrie cut in, "Daxton is already taken."


But she wasn't done. "Also, I think it might be in your best interest to start looking for other places to stay. Once we get married, I can assure you, we won't be renting out any of the house space."

"Carrie," Daxton barked out. Halfway down the hall, he waited, his hands in his pockets.

Kamree's heartbeat throbbed in her ear. Hell, he even looked mostly calm.

Carrie perked up. She walked to Daxton, her heels clicking evenly along the tile. "Daxton, darling, you'll never guess--"

The last thing she wanted to hear was the two of them making goo-goo noises at each other. So she tuned out and got back to work. Ignoring the feelings swirling inside her.

Kamree stopped. What was she doing? She didn't care about Daxton's love life. Love was a myth anyway. It would never last.

So why did her gut turn sour at the thought of Carrie in there?

"Kamree, are you okay? You look a little green," Becca said.

"I think...I think I need to take the rest of the day off." It sure as hell wasn't a good time for the company, but if she had to stay here, in this building, for any longer, she might throw up. And the thought of her getting sick because of Daxton and Carrie scared her down to the bones. "I hate to ask this, but can you cover for me?"

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