Chapter Twenty Four

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Every Hour. I woke up at least once every hour, for the whole night, and every time I woke up it was harder to get back to sleep because I knew it was another hour later into my birthday.

By the time I had actually been able to sleep for longer than an hour, I was awoken by the sound meow and a small weight walking across my legs. I opened my eyes and immediately shut them as the brightness from the daylight outside was too much for me to handle straight away. After a second of laying down with my eyes closed, I felt something soft rub against my face and the sound of purring.

"What the fuck-" I opened my eyes and was immediately met with the blue ones of my kitten Noah, not that he was really a kitten anymore, I've had him for three months but he's still pretty small.

"Baby, oh my gosh my little baby" I squealed, giving him a slight fright and making him just back, but he was still close enough for me to pick up.

"How'd you get here? Huh, who brought you here?" I spoke to him in the voice I always spoke to animals in.

"I see you found my surprise to you" Joe walked in the room smiling, he was already fully dressed, and by that I mean sweat shorts and a black hoodie, but it's something considering he usually never wears a shirt at home.

"You brought him here? How? I thought you said we weren't allowed pets here?" I fired multiple questions at Joe and he raised his eyebrows in surprise, obviously shocked that I'm so talkative this morning.

"Yeah, I did seeing as I didn't know what to get you for your birthday, I thought that Noah would be good enough? And maybe I'll let you do the 45-minute shop with my credit card like we done a couple years ago?" Joe grinned.

The 45-minute shop was a thing Joe and I have done a couple times before, it's usually Joe's last resort when he can't think of anything to get me for my birthday or Christmas. He takes me to a mall and gives me his credit card, and I have 45 minutes to get as much as I like, within reason of course. It was supposed to only be 30 minutes but I went in a mood with him the last time because 30 minutes wasn't enough, and I wanted an hour but he said that was too long, so we came to an agreement.

"Joe oh my god-" I stood up from the bed and gave him a hug.

"Happy 18th Birthday Joe" I smiled pulling back from the hug.

"Happy Birthday Darc" He smiled back.

"Oh wait to sit down, I have to give you your gifts" I squealed slightly, going into my bag and pulling put a medium sized box, with two envelopes sitting on top.

"I know it doesn't seem like much but I think you'll like them, or I hope" I laughed nervously as I sat them down in front of him, I've always loved buying gifts for other people but I'm usually extremely bad at choosing the right things.

I sat down on the bed with Noah in my lap, who was clearly in a playful mood because every time I went to pet him he put his two front paws on either side of one of my fingers and tried to bite it.

"Oh wait, I want you to open this one last," I said taking the envelope from my brother's hands, making him give me a strange look.

He opened up his birthday card first, in which he found a $50 Gas voucher, I told you I wasn't the best at picking out gifts.

"How creative, I would've never thought of this" He laughed, making me laugh too.

He sat the card and the voucher to the side and then proceeded to open the box, in which he found a pair of black noise cancelling Beats headphones.

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