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Pen Your Pride

Chapter VI - The Arrest

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Chapter VI – The Arrest

“Miss Phoenix, your twelve o’clock appointment is now here.” The receptionist buzzed into J. J.’s office.

She stood and adjusted her black, female pant suit and cleared her throat. She than waived her hand over the desk which transformed into a conference table and forced the best smile she could muster.

“Alright, let them in.” She replied back.

The doors opened and 4 men walked into the now conference room. J. J. greeted them all with a handshake as she then directed them to their seats. The receptionist followed them in and laid out snacks and drinks for the visitors.

“It is good to see the company thriving, Jocelyn. I did a lot of business with your father. I can tell he would be proud.” The eldest man of the group, slightly underweight and with a hefty mustache on his face commented. J. J. smiled and nodded her head as she made her way to the seat at the head of the table.

“I certainly hope so. And please, just call me J. J.”

The men nodded their heads and pulled all the paperwork from their briefcases. J. J. had been doing her best not to think about what had happened with Roderick, Cecilia and her own siblings. She knew that what she was doing was the responsible thing but an irritating tug at her heart and churning in her stomach indicated otherwise.

The youngest man of the group, Craig Zimmerman, stood and faced her. He’d had a more obnoxious smile spread across his face and a gray suit on. He was probably only 27 or 28 and already his hairline was receding. He was one of the newest and hottest young executives in the Masterson Corporation line and had been expressing excitement of the meeting to her for weeks.

It had been rumored he was looking to double their profits as well as find himself a nice, obedient little wife. Travel spread fast in the business world of the meeting and so J. J. knew he thought their courtship was practically official. She was confused by all the false evidence of so but knew she would have to do her best in order to keep the meeting strictly about the companies partnership.

“Phoenix Corporation and Masterson Corporation have been doing business together for a very long time and have turned over some very favorable profits. Your programs are in every major android out there and let’s face it, Masterson Corporation produces all of those major androids.” Craig Zimmerman circled the table and handed out charts of their profits since their partnership nearly 20 years ago. It was all a layout of stats both parties had seen countless times so the meeting was already becoming a snooze fest.

“Tell me something I don’t know, Zimmerman.” She commented with a smile. The much older man laughed, instantly receiving a sharp look from Craig. He then cleared his throat, pressed down on his bright, white tie and continued.

“We are taking a look into a bigger, brighter picture. More androids and in every home. Masterson is working on a project which will get top of the line cyborgs into every Tom, Dick and Harry’s home and at priced based off of income and not sheer value.”

J. J. shook her head and pressed the papers forward. It was probably the most ridiculous notion she’d heard in years. Cyborgs were used primarily in work-like environments. They were police officials, teachers, janitors, mostly jobs that were no longer all that desirable. They also cost a fortune to create and run properly.

“What is the purpose for every home to house an android? Some people don’t need housekeeping and nannies so the idea seems almost unrealistic.” She commented. He then hoped closer towards her and smiled widely.

“And that is where you are wrong. This change will be revolutionary! They will be mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. These droids can become parts of the family, guard dogs, pets, or even just household equipment. People are going to be taking family portraits with them soon enough!”

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