Caster chronicles (book one): Underneath the hidden truth.

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They sat there all three of them huddled in the darkness waiting for the blistering storm to pass so the lights would come back on; candles flickered aimlessly around the room casting little light but blew gently sideways as a small breeze crept in from the window. Daniel was sat on his mother’s lap and was clasped tightly to her as if the breeze would simply lift him away. At the sound of thunder the door knocks once and the house seems rattled by it.

“I will go get that.” Nora says to her husband Jack, she lifted her son off her lap and gave him to his father. He was three years old and afraid of the dark, he believed many things lived in the darkness and he wasn’t wrong. Sometime later the lights generated back on and still there was no sound of gossip at the door. Scared for his wife’s wellbeing he walked the small distance to the door, there in front of it was his wife horror struck but yet no one was at the door but the small pitter patter of rain drops, from a storm just calming down.

“Nora what is it?” Jack asked in terror himself, his wife was in shock and his heart began to beat faster as he checked for any wounds of an attack. In a numb dazed state Nora answered him her blue eyes fixed on the door in front as if someone was there.

“I should never have answered on the first knock.” Jack let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding, it was just one of her bullshit suppositions he sagged in relief. Nora was born in Greece and was brought up with all their superstitions.

“Come on Nora lets go get a cuppa.” Jack began to pull his wife toward the kitchen, his son Daniel stood horrified in the doorway as he looked on up at his scared mother, her well composed blonde curly hair hanged loosely from her bun, and tears were in her eyes.

“They’re coming.” She said ever so slightly in a whisper of a trance.

“Who’s coming Nora?” Jack looked at his wife in horror, and felt his adrenalin pipe up.

“The Vrykolakas, they’ve marked me Jack; they’ve infected me with their poison.” Even though Jack didn’t know what his wife was talking ab

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