My speciel friend

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chapter 1

I used to be a rather angry person a grumpy and aggresive one to. I was like this one day. Because my best friend jack martin from school passed away very suddenly one day In a english class. He did not know he had cancer again. But he had the syptems from his last leukaemia diagnosis from nearly a year before.

I was like this till one day in september 2011 when jasmine firth who isent my friend anymore interduced me to megan one lunchtime at college.

I was there for jasmine when social services tryed to take amelia away from her then one day jasmine started takeing it out on me and megan  by taking her anger out on us and starting arguments.

We all sorted our problems out but it did not last jasmine had a new boyfriend and this is when it went to far.

we all started arguing again and then a couple of weeks later jasmne sent megan a disgusting mean horrible text messeges witch i read a few days later.