The Mute Mistress

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Mary Georgia always felt like a strange spectacle ever since she was eight years old. With her notable disability, she has never wanted to stand out wherever she stood. Unfortunately, her eyes were the most alluring feature about her, and it always brought people closer than she ever wanted.

Struggling to make ends meet, Mary and her small family, in the slums of the metropolis, are finally given a glimmer of hope. Her older sister, Nellie, quickly comes across an opportunity that couldn't take herself- but Mary could. Hesitant to work as a maid for a rich household, Mary had to swallow her pride and do whatever was necessary to help her family survive.

Once she was traveling to what would now be her second home, she is quick to take note of the beauty on the outside, however there was a completely opposite allure once stepping foot inside of the Vanderbilt estate. The woman that hired her, was very keen to welcome Mary into the secluded mansion belonged to only one man- Nathan Vanderbilt.

Author: MayenWrites

Status: Completed

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