#28 Twin Obsessions

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The extremely sexylishious cover was created by: AutumnSongs ... Thank you soooo much!!

Chapter 28:

Jesse sat next to Nauti in the board meeting the next day, barely hearing a word Devlish was saying as she found herself distracted by the leathery scent of Nauti which was subtly combined with Devlish's more musky scent from the shirt of his she was wearing under her suit jacket.

It was enough to have her womb clench painfully to have them inside her.

Especially after last night, Jesse thought and she let out a slow, shaky breath as she remembered the earth shattering pleasure they had given her.

They had given her enough time to say goodbye to Colby, Lincon and Marius and tell Lou and Sasha that she was leaving before ushering her out the club, towards the car. Eagerly following Lou and Sasha's drunken instructions of needing to get her out of there and teaching her the finer details of the horizontal tango.

Jesse had laughed as Nauti pulled her into his lap in the front of the car, turning her so that she straddled his lap while he kissed her. Barely even hearing Devlish get into the car and swearing softly under his breath as they kissed. Nauti ground her firmly into his lap causing her to tip her head back and gasp, a sound which had Devlish tightening his grip on the steering wheel. He glanced to the side in time to see his brother pull Jesse's dress off her shoulders to reveal her firm breasts and take one of her nipples into his mouth while she rode his lap.

Her breathless moans and whimpers driving him crazy as anticipation swirled in his gut.

"Fuck this." Devlish muttered and swung into a dark ally, switching the car off so that he could lean over and turn Jesse's face towards his so that he could cover her parted lips with his. Silently demanding that she give into him by sliding his tongue against hers while nipping at her lips.

Jesse felt her juices spilling between her legs at the feel of Nauti sucking at her sensitive nipples and Devlish feasting hungrily at her mouth.

Her breathing sped up as he gripped her hair like he seemed so fond of doing and tipped her head to the side as he moved his mouth from her lips. Travelling down the side of her neck to form a burning, wet path to her aching nipples and she couldn't help but give a strangled cry at having both brothers lapping up her nipples.

Each one rolling and sucking at the tight buds in a different yet arousing way as she held their heads closer to her.

Wanting more.

So much more that she felt as if she was going to explode if they didn't give her what she needed.

As if he could sense her need, Devlish reached between her legs, thankful to find that there was nothing separating her dripping heat from his touch. He then blindly started looking for that special spot deep inside her that had her crying out wildly, bucking as she tried to get his fingers to go deeper. Urged on by Nauti who was squeezing her ass, loving the feel of her skin in the palm of his hands.

"In the back. Get into the back." Devlish demanded against her breast, taking his hand out of her so that he could push her between the seats while he and Nauti jumped out the car. Nearly falling to their knees when they opened the two back doors and found Jesse sitting on her knees. Her legs spread wide so that they both had a clear view of her glistening core, her dress was in a pile on the car floor which left her completely naked except for the heels on her feet. Her hair falling wildly around her as she looked between them with her eyes burning with passion, need and something else that they couldn't place with haze of desire surrounding them.

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