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a b o u t

this story and published was written in 2017

- it's been pretty heavily edited since then

- i think it shows how i've grown as a writer as it's definitely not my best work

- this story isn't my first completed story but it was very early on when i published it, it's full of cliches and is quite cringey. i think it shows my growth as a writer to see where i started but if you choose to continue reading, you have been warned


c i t e

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.


s y n o p s i s

On the outside, Victoria looks like any other normal girl. 

But there's something about her that nobody knows about. 

Starting with her purple eyes. 

She was convinced she was going insane when she looked in the mirror and saw two purple eyes blinking back at her.

Everyone said they were brown. That she was being crazy.

But that was before Kim Taehyung came around. 

The nerd who gets first place for every test, exam and presentation. 

The nerd who had never come face to face with Tori before because of their difference in school status

The nerd who changes everything.


w a r n i n g




s t a t u s

Completed (January - April 2017)


c o p y r i g h t

Copyright © 2017 by -hyungnim (Tee)

I do not own the members of (BTS) but all the other fictional characters are mine. The plot and storyline is also entirely made by me, any similarities to other stories are coincidence.

You are all capable of creating something beautiful in your own way, try and make something of your own, you'll do better than you think :)

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