Handcuffs, Kisses and Awkward Situations

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Nora Montgomery and Ryder Collins have been at each other’s throats since an insignificant argument ruined their friendship. And when a handcuff demonstration from the local police department is held, the two find themselves chained together. But when the officer loses the key, Nora and Ryder are stuck with each other for a week while a replacement is being made. 

To make matters worse, a mysterious fire causes mayhem at their local school and Ryder gets accused of arson. With the police tracking his every move and his peers being anything but supportive, he struggles to prove his innocence. The only way to clear his name is through figuring out who the real arsonist is. 

With a whole lot of handcuffs, kisses and awkward situations, the two struggle to look past their differences in order to live in harmony. But there’s a thin line between love and hate and a single kiss ignites a passion that sparks a connection far more intimate than thought possible. While Ryder confronts the law with near-to-nothing evidence, Nora battles her own problems: the complications of kissing a Collins.

Get your magnifying glasses ready because you’re about to solve one of the most twisted crimes with two of the most heart-capturing teenage characters. 

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