Chapter 5

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Since you guys seem to really like this story I will try my best to continue it, I planned on discontinuing it due to my lack of interest in BB anymore but I rewatched the series and have taken a liking again? Also I will be changing Mei to Y/N because I completely forgot about Mei-Rin when I was writing the last chapter!! (Kill me)

A few hours have passed since Ciel had come home and Sebastian had been out looking for me. Ciel wouldn't stop asking me about Sebastian, so I told him he went into town to get ingredients for dinner.

"Um, Ms. Y/N, what are you doing here exactly?" Ciel askew in a hesitant tone, not knowing if you were dangerous. I can see him replaying the events of  the night before in his head.

I give knowing smile and reply, "Well, you see, I have come to work for you. I am completely out of work and your servants said you would be nice enough to give me a job. I will do any job there needs to be done."

"Ahh, well. I guess, there are a few things you cou-"

He is cut off by the sound of the door to his office opening and closing,

"Master, I have failed to find the.. girl?" He says in a surprised tone, he doesn't  take his eyes off of me.

(Just a note, Y/N has modified Ciel's memory a bit, he doesn't know she is the girl that called him a brat and left him there)

Ciel sits up in a surprised tone and looks Sebastian straight in the eye, completely forgetting you were in the room.

You might as well make modifications to Sebastian's memory so he doesn't screw things over for you.

"Ah, Ciel, would you please excuse me for a moment."

He nods your way still looking at Sebastian who is looking at your suprised still.

You roll your eyes slightly and brush past Sebastian as if giving him a sign to meet you outside. A few minutes pass and Sebastian closes the door behind him to find himself met with glowing dark magenta eyes, piercing his soul.

'I can see his soul so clearly' you think as you make the modifications needed for him to not remember you as the girl who got away from him.

You leave him there dazed and walk back into Ciel's office to further continue the talk of your new job.

Sorry guys I haven't updated in FOREVER. I decided to redo the last chapter a bit and just make this chapter 5. I will update this I can, bare with me, I am in the middle of s school year, my last year as a Freshman! ;^)

Hope you enjoyed!! :)

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