Carrot Stew

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Ehm,hello,I said I wouldnt come back but hey

I guess this will only be the place where im able to go

The reason why is,well let me summarize

On christmas I got 600 dollars(which my mom took away so I could save it for the future)

And I bought a wacom with it which cost 80 dollars

The thing is it worked,but I didnt like it,I hated how it worked,it felt as if I was drawing in my phone

So I returned it

Eventually,my dog became sick and nearly was coming to an end,so with my money we took him to the vet and he got an operation

then later on I bought a laptop!


And I love it so much and Id rather learn animation the real way rather then using sort of a "cheat sheet"

So I traded in my tablet with money,so thats how I got a laptop

Im still not use to drawing on it though


And well,Lace will no longer be appearing as much because ppl on deviantart had a problem with her

So around september and august I was making a fursona but never really liked him

But then I decided to replace him with lace,so here he is now

I uploaded this on my Moved account on deviantart which is kachulayer

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I uploaded this on my Moved account on deviantart which is kachulayer

And I got more feedback on him and I got art made from other people that I absolutely adore!

I feel pretty happy with my life on the internet,but since I dont have a mobile device anymore,I cant go on insta anymore....

Well I cant upload and view my private messages,which I hate and wish I could

Besides that IRL I have been going through real though times and lost a family member last week

Its been raining a whole lot and I got sick

And I saw that me being inactive made me lose many of my support on here....

Which hurt me too but I said I was permanently leaving so there wasnt a reason to keep following me,,,,

Anyways,im about to go to sleep

I hope all of you who are still here had a good day/night/afternoon

and thank you for reading this,,,


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