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it was science class and you had to dissect frogs. your teacher told you to bring your own frogs. you didn't know where to buy one so you asked your friend to get one for you but you're gonna repay her. 


 your friend gave you the frog. you were disgusted because the frog was fat and gross.  it was jumping in the jar so you were afraid. so you left it on the table, you just sat there staring at the frog

 then, someone took the frog from your table. it was Greyson, your group mate. your heart was beating fast because you were surprised by greyson, who is your crush eversince middle school. 

 Grey: eww, gross. bleh frogs are gross

 you: hmm, i know. 

 Grey: you're the one who caught this?

 You: nope... i asked "_____" to buy me one and ill pay her

 grey: ummhmm. *stares at the frog* this frog is kinda cute though.. *murmurs* like you. 

 you: huh? what did you say? *blush a little*

 grey: nothiiing!

 you: okay. *murmurs* you're cute too *blush*

grey: what did you say? *blush and laugh*

 you: NOTHING! *tries to grab the frog from him*

 Grey: *hides the frog behind his back* tell me what you said first

 you: not until you tell me what you whispered in the air...

 Grey: hmm fine *hands you the frog*

 You: you reached for the frog, and you try to grab it from him again*

 Greyson pulls the jar to him once you've touched it. you were surprised......... your lips touched. you accidentally kissed. greyson was surprised too. you were both blushing. no one saw it. you were the only ones left in the room.  he lets go of the frog. and you stepped back. and you turned round then Greyson grabbed your wrist and he gave you a tight hug. 

 you: huh?

 grey: i said you're cute

 you:  know i heard you, i said that too

 grey: i like you "_____" i really do. i'm happy you're my first kiss.and i liked you eversince middle school you're all i've ever dreamt about

 you: what? oh my, we're the same. i liked you ever since middle school. i can't believe this is happening. TO ME?!? oh my 

 Grey: *laughs* i love you.

 you: i love you too.

 Grey: this frog is so cute it should be named "___"zilla

 you: his name is Greyzilla

 Grey: no it should be "___"zilla

 you: i named him first before you grabbed him!

 *you both laugh*

 Grey: i'll be your greyzilla 

 you: and i'll be your "___"zilla


 greyson just kept on looking at you. and you cant stop looking at him too. he tries to grab the scissors beside you. you blocked him

 Grey: hey! can you please give me the scissors if you're not gonna let me get it

 you:  sorry.

 grey: *kisses you on the cheek, and he puts his arm around you, he got the scissors*  

you: *you were speechless, your face was blank, you were staring into space* 

 grey: *kissed you again* hey! are you okay?

 you: *shakes head* yeah i'm okay 

 grey: *laughs* whispers in your ear* i love you "_____" 

 you: i love you too *kisses him on the cheek*

 hmm! i love SCIENCE! enjoy this little imagine made by meee!

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