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Chapter 21-

"It's nice to be back." I said when I sat down on my bed. Thank goodness the doctors let me go home, being in the hospital stunk. I was told that I would not be allowed to go back to work for at least a week though, and get a lot of rest because just a tiny hit on the head could cause major brain damage since the concussion was so recent. Trevor had driven me home because everyone was out working or had previous plans, which were somewhat sketchy, but it didn't matter.

"Yeah, I'm glad we can finally be alone." Trevor said when he sat down next to me and put his hand on my knee.

I ignored the gesture and turned to face him while sitting with my legs crossed. "You have to go home soon right? You said something about how you were going out to dinner with your grandparents before." I said, trying to get him to realize I wanted to be alone.

"That isn't till later, we have plenty of time." He replied, and brushed the hair from my shoulder.

I blushed and was about to respond when he started trailing kisses on the exposed part of my shoulder. I giggled in response because I was embarrassed at the new type of attention.

When his lips finally reached my neck, I thought I should stop this before things went too far. "Hey, babe, I thought we were going to take things slow." I said, my body was getting hot and images were going through my head, very dirty images.

By this time, he was really close to giving me a hicky, which I did not want. I bit my lip and put my hand on his chest, attempting to make him stop. He stopped for a second, but only to move his lips from my neck to my lips. I didn't kiss back until I thought about Jake.

My mind was playing me, I looked at the person kissing me and it was Jake, not Trevor. I automatically started kissing back, and licked his Jake's bottom lip, causing him to groan and slid his tongue inside my mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair and he automatically started to kiss me with more passion, while his hands traveled down towards the hem of my shirt.

I pulled him towards me until I was laying with my back on my bed and with his body laying on mine. His hand traveled up my shirt, caressing my stomach. I moaned his name and wrapped my arms around his neck.

He got up from on top of me and sat on his knees, still towering over me. "What did you say?" He said, and when I blinked, it changed back to Trevor from Jake.

"I... uhh," I started mumbling. "I said, shake! I'm starving, and I just started craving a chocolate shake." I said, and i felt horrible lying.

"Oh, I thought you said Jake for a second." Trevor said and let out a slight laugh. I laughed with him, a nervous laugh of course. Trevor leaned down and kissed my cheek.

I smiled and pulled him down to lay next to me. I laid my head down on his chest and just felt comfortable there. Yes, making out with him was awkward. However, in the end Trevor was a sweet guy, who I was comfortable with. He made me feel safe, but I knew it wasn't anywhere as good as the way I felt when I was with Jake.

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