;chapter seven

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Alaska's pov
———— *2 months later* ————
Joey & I haven't talked since I texted him right after he left. I guess I shouldn't like like him anymore cause obviously he doesn't like me since he hasn't texted me.

ugh I just wish he didn't leave ...oh my god i'm such a horrible friend. I've been going back & forth from being mad at him for leaving to being happy for him following his dream. i should be happy. he's following his dreams & i'm getting mad at him for that. i'm such a bitch. I should really text him but I don't think he would want to talk to me. ugh I hate my life rn.

Joey's pov
Alaska & I haven't talked & i'm really sad. I love her so much but she's mad at me & probably doesn't want to talk to me ever again. I've thought about texting her sooo many times but I can never bring myself to do it.

rn i'm on my way home cause I haven't felt good because of all this. I feel horrible that I made her sad & it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

maybe I should just go talk to her in person. no I can't. no I have to.
—— *just arrived at his house* ——
I have to go now. I have to talk to her.

I went over to her house & knocked on the door. wtf am I doing? I can't do this. why did I do this?

suddenly my thoughts were interrupted by someone opening the door. I looked up & met eyes with Ally.

"Joey!" she screamed excited while jumping on me, wrapping her arms around my neck & her legs around my waist with her head in the crook of my neck.

"I missed you so much! i'm so sorry!" she said into my shoulder. "you aren't mad?" "ofc not! I was just so sad you were leaving, it made me mad."-A.

"Ally." I said putting her down. "I love you." "I love you too" she said in a friendly way. "no Alaska, I really love you. I've liked you ever since I met you & my feelings just keep growing." "Joey, I really love you too."-A.

"then Alaska, will you please be my girlfriend?" she didn't respond for a minute & just looked at me which got me really nervous but then all the sudden she kissed me. "joey, you're my favourite person in the world. ofc."-A. I smiled. this girl was everything I ever wanted in life, & now I have her.

she pulled me inside & onto the couch. "wait, I thought you were supposed to on tour for another month."-A.

"I am but I didn't feel good with the whole me leaving situation & knowing you were mad at me. I felt so bad & I don't like making you sad." "oh." she said looking down. "you left tour because of me. i'm so sorry. i feel terrible." she said getting up.

I pulled her arm making her come back & sit on my lap. "but that brings us to where we are now & I wouldn't change that for anything." she smiled & i kissed her passionately. something i've always wanted to do to with to her.

I heard someone cough to get our attention so I pulled out of the kiss & looked at them. It was Sophie. I didn't know she was here. she was standing there with Abby smirking.

"joey? i didn't know you're back."-S. "well i am" i said smiling. "so what's going on here?"-S. I looked at Ally & she looked down blushing. "i'm kissing my girlfriend." "oh really?" Sophia said smirking again. "yeah now bye." "fine. good luck with him." she said to Ally making a weird face.

Ally giggled which was adorable, then waved goodbye to them.

i was just staring at her beauty when i realized what she was wearing ⬇️

i was just staring at her beauty when i realized what she was wearing ⬇️

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she was wearing my sweatpants. "hey you're my sweatpants." i smiled. "yeah. i really missed u & this is the closest i could get to u." she said giggling. "been wearing any of my other clothes?" i asked jokingly while raising an eyebrow. "actually yeah. i wore your hoodie to go hangout with Charles couple days ago. he noticed almost instantly." she laughed. "u look cute so that's all that really matters."

suddenly I got an idea while looking at her perfect figure. "would you come on the m&g tour with me for a month if I went back?" (a/n: I know there's Magcon but there's certain people that didn't go to magcon that I wanna include in the story so I decided this would be the best way. carry on:)) "idk Joey."-A. "why not?" "because your fans probably don't even want to see me."-A. "no they love u & you know who will want to see you? me when i'm on the other side of the country. it'll be fun & hey you had like 10k followers on ig before I even met you." she was hesitant about it but she said ok. "it's gonna be fun! they'll love you! just like I do." I said kissing her.

"ok now go upstairs & pack." "wait. what? when are we leaving?"-A. "a couple days or somethin. I'll book a flight." I said getting up to go. "to where?"-A. "Manchester, England." "omg actually?!"-A. "yeah why?" i asked confused. "thats my hometown!"-A. oh yeah. i completely forgot she was from England. "oh sick" "ok i'm gonna go pack. see you later." she said running up the stairs. "k bye" i said leaving.


hope y'all enjoyed! bye xx

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