(1) Broken Angel

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"You have to keep going" the voice in my head told me. "Just keep running, it doesn't matter where, your not out of danger yet". I listened to it, my feet pounding hard against the floor as I recalled what had just happened in the past hour...


"You are not to see any of your 'friends' anymore." He said in a stern voice, mimicking me as he said the word 'friends'. I couldn't help but weep. These were the only people left that cared and now they would not be there to comfort me anymore. I cried out a few words of protest but abruptly stopped when he slapped me hard on my right cheek.

"No! You will obey me and meet all of my demands! He shouted, I could tell he was fuming. "I've built another lock now so you can't escape from this place" he smirked, lifting my chin with his fingers. Tears spilled from my eyes and he just laughed.

"Anyway, I want you right now so get those clothes off".

I pleaded with him to change his mind but all he did was slap me harder.

Shakily I began removing my clothes, layer by layer. Apparently it wasn't fast enough for him though as he grabbed me and bent me over the bed, ripping off my knickers. He fumbled with his belt and the zip of his trousers, but soon they accompanied his shoes and socks at his feet and with one swift move, he slammed into me, causing me to scream out in pain whilst blood trickled down my legs. After about 20 minutes, he let out a final grunt and leaked inside me.

I sobbed at the thought that I would again have to go to a chemist and get the morning after pill. It was just the cherry on top to finish off this whole degrading situation.

Suddenly he smacked my arse and walked out the room. I heard the front door slam.

Finally he was gone.

Without another thought, I ran to the bedroom and flung as many clothes as I could possibly fit into a rucksack.

Henry, my fiance, had bought me piles of designer clothes. All of which fitted me perfectly. I didn't want these clothes though, they reminded me of him.

I searched for my old clothes. A couple of pairs of jeans, a few chequered shirts and a couple of pairs of trainers.

I stuffed them in my bag then rammed the rest with my favourite designer pieces of clothing. Maybe I could sell them. Casually, I walked downstairs, not wanting to draw attention to myself and entered the kitchen. Stood a few paces from me was the cook Annie. Her eyes darted up to mine.

"What do you want?" She sneered, her cold blue eyes piercing a hole in my head. I conjured up the best smile I could.

"Henry has gone out and I was starting to feel hungry so I wondered if I could take a couple of snacks before dinner?" I asked politely.

Her eyes scanned mine but apparently she couldn't see through my lie as she muttered "Fine".

I thanked her and walked to the fridge, grabbing some fruit, some ham and a bottle of water. I turned to the side and quickly grabbed a loaf of bread, hiding it from Annie. I rushed out of the room and upstairs. I quickly stuffed the food into my bag and grabbed cosmetics and sanitary towels.

My heart thundered as I tiptoed downstairs to the grand hallway to check if the coast was clear. It was, so I slid down the banister and jumped when I got to the bottom. In front of me was the large oak door which was the main door to this palace. I turned round and my eyes instantly spotted the small round window that would be my escape. Henry had locked all the doors and windows except this one. He was such a fool that he thought it was too small for me to escape from. Shrugging my bag off my shoulders, I inched myself out of the window. I put my bag through first, keeping hold of it as I pushed myself out the window starting with my arms, then my head. I had managed to get halfway through the window when I heard the key twist and unlock the door. I panicked and squirmed, trying to push my hips through the frame of the window.

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