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hide from the truth

It was around 10 o'clock in the morning when Hunter woke up from a throbbing headache. She groaned as she rubbed her temples with her fingers before she let her head fall back on the pillow again. But much to her surprise, instead of feeling her soft pillow, she felt something hard. She shot up from her position, panicking as she realized the hard thing she was laying on, was the arm of the person lying next to her.

"Holy shit," she mumbled, wondering if she was still asleep. She took a look at the person's face and the second she did that, she felt her blood run cold.

"Bam? What the actual fuck--," she stumbled backwards while she covered her mouth with her hand.

Memories from last night came flooding back in as she looked at Bam's body in horror. She remembered going out for drinks and getting drunk, but falling asleep next to Bam came as a shock. Did she really get so fucking shit-faced that she slept with a guy just two days after she broke up with her fiancé?

Bam started moving around, snapping Hunter out of her thoughts. She let out a sigh as she looked around the room for something to throw. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at his head, hoping he'd wake up.

"What the fuck," he said as he rubbed his tired eyes with his hands.

"Yeah exactly. What the fuck," Hunter repeated, half angry, half panicky.

Bam looked up at Hunter confused for a second, until everything dawned on him. 'shit' he thought. He'd hoped he'd wake up earlier than her.

"Did we have sex?" Hunter asked. She definitely caught him of guard by that.

Bam blinked, "what? I mean.."

"Just say it Bam. Did we do it or not?" She asked, slowly starting to feel irritated. "You see, I drank a little too much last night so I can't reme--."

"No, no, calm down," he threw the covers off of his body and stood up, putting his hands up in defense, "I would never take advantage of you like that," he said, feeling somewhat hurt by her accusation.

Hunter's eyes widened a little as she looked at his shirtless torso. All his tattoos.. They looked so good on him. It was definitely much different from her ex-fiancé Liam, he despised people with tattoos and wouldn't even think about getting one, but Hunter had always secretly admired them. She wanted to get one too one day.

"I have a girlfriend, I would never cheat on her," Bam said, not noticing the way Hunter was looking at him.

"Right," she mumbled, tearing her eyes away from his body as her cheeks reddened, "sorry."

Bam nodded, "It's okay. I shouldn't have done what I did..." he said, referring to spending the night in her bed, "I was just—I wanted to make sure you were okay," he said awkwardly.

Although she felt somewhat confused, Hunter gave him a small smile, "thanks I guess." But for what? Keeping her bed warm?

Bam smiled back and started staring at his feet. Every time Hunter was around, he had this nervous feeling in his stomach, he just couldn't say the right things.

"I think it's a good time for me to go now.. Seeing as I haven't been home for two days now," he said.


"Guess I'll see you sometime around then," he said while he grabbed his shirt from the ground. He secretly hoped she would ask him to stay, but of course she wouldn't.

"Alright," she said.

Bam walked towards the door of her bedroom and let his fingers rest on the doorknob. He wanted to give her a hug, but he decided that it would be inappropriate. Because after all that happened, Hunter would probably think of him as a creep, at least, that's what he told himself.

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