Chapter 23

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Connie lay half asleep as she felt the bed beside her move before feeling his warm breath blow gently over her shoulder. She smiled as his lips pressed to her arm, carefully moving over her skin. He took his time as he moved a hand over her hip to rest against her stomach. She laced her fingers through his causing him to speak.

"I wasn't sure if you were awake..." "So you thought you'd possibly wake me?" Sam smirked as she rolled onto her back beside him. When he didn't speak she ran her fingers up and down his chest slowly. "You're beautiful." Connie felt the colour rise in her cheeks as she dropped her eyes, unable to take the compliment from him. "I mean it, you're the most amazing thing in my life."

His thumb caressed her cheek as she finally let her eyes fall to his again. Opening her lips to speak he shook his head cutting her off. "You're so special-" "I could say the same about you." Rolling his eyes she laughed pressing a hand more firmly to his chest. "No, really. I don't say it enough... Whenever something goes wrong, you're the one I want to help fix it."

Sam smiled gently as she lifted her head to rest against his chest. "This has become so much more than just sleeping together hasn't it?" He looked up at the ceiling as he ran a hand through her hair. "Yeah, it has..." Connie released a heavy breath before turning her head so that her lips rest against his chest. "Does it bother you that we've become like this?"

Lifting her eyes to him she saw him shake his head. "I wish we could have realised this sooner so that we weren't both in relationships, but I would never change what I've got with you now." Connie sighed gently as she relaxed into his embrace again, the world around them disappearing. Sam's arms wrapped around her and she found herself drifting off to sleep again.

It was an odd sensation falling asleep with someone so carelessly like this. Connie awoke a few hours later to see Sam still sleeping. She moved from his chest carefully, clutching the covers to her chest as she sat up. Glancing around, the room seemed empty of anything personal despite Sam having lived here for so long.

Easing herself out of the bed she picked up his shirt from the floor and slipped into it. Moving towards the window she looked out able to see half of Holby from their height. She leant back against the wall releasing a breath as she relaxed against it. Letting her eyes fall she watched a taxi stop in the car park below before all her muscles tensed.

Turning away from the window she rushed to the bed shaking Sam gently. "Sam, come on get up-" He groaned lifting a hand but Connie refused to give in. "Sam Emma's back-" "What? She isn't due home until tomorrow." "Well she's outside." He got out of the bed as Connie lifted her hands to her head. "What are we supposed to say?" "Hey calm down."

Sam took hold of her hands in his giving them a gentle squeeze. "Get dressed in the bathroom and I'll go speak to her." She grabbed her clothes hearing someone outside the front door. "Sam I can't find-" "I'll find everything just go." Sam pulled on a clean top and slipped into his trousers before finding something of Connie's beside the bed.

"Sam?" He pushed them it into his pocket as Connie disappeared into the bathroom. Pulling the bedroom door shut he wandered through the flat to see her placing her bags down in the living room. "Hey-" "Hey what are you doing back?" She shrugged wandering over to him as her arms manoeuvred around his waist. "They let me home a day early, thought I'd surprise you instead of sitting at home alone."

He smiled as she leant up placing a kiss to his lips. Connie stood before the bathroom mirror running her hands back through her hair as she stared at her reflection. Looking down at her clothes she brushed down her skirt before flushing the toilet.

Sam was standing in the kitchen turning the kettle on as Emma lifted her head from the living room with a frown. She heard the heels walking across the hallway floor before seeing Connie appear. "I didn't realise you had company Sam-" "Oh, sorry... I just came to run something by Sam about a patient."

Emma smiled warmly as Connie saw her phone on the table. Moving to pick it up she tried ignoring the eyes she felt on her. "I'll leave you both to it though, it can wait-" "Why don't you stay for a drink?" Connie lifted her head with a smile but kindly declined her offer. "Honestly I best get off."

With Emma's eyes dropped again, Connie looked towards Sam who was already looking to her. Nothing needed to be said for the other to know what was running through their minds. Connie tapped her phone against her hand before picking up her bag from the side. "Right, well, I'll see you in work Monday Sam. It was good to see you Emma." "You too Connie." She gave a tight lipped smile before walking out of the room. "I'll show you out-" "It's fine."

He followed anyway reaching out for her wrist as she pulled open the front door. Turning around she looked to Sam as he kept hold of her gently. Looking past him into the flat she couldn't help but worry about how close they'd cut it this time.

The time passed as he watched her intently before feeling her move her hand from his grasp. With one final glance she walked away running a hand back through her hair as she rushed down the stairwell. Sam released a heavy breath remaining beside the door until she was long out of sight. Closing the door he returned inside as Emma began talking, nothing she said sitting with him as his mind was focused on everything that had just happened.

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