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For an hour we trekked through the woods to the city. When we were at the edge we began circling the city sniffing and tracking where the rogues could've gone. I was with Leah at this point in time and she was growing continuously frustrated. I could tell she wanted to go in the city. I growl low before shifting. I'm completely naked when I turn around to Leah who had shifted when she saw me shifting.

"I'll find some clothes and we'll head in. Send the word out." I mind link my four pack members to let them know.

'Let us come. You might need help.' Tyler says.

'No I won't because we won't be engaging.' I reply back as I stalk towards a building that looks suspiciously like a rip off In n Out.

'You don't know that. Leah is coming with you and she could snap.' Madelyn comments.

'I'll make sure she won't. Trust me, the more of us in there the more likely they are to identify us.' I stalk towards an apartment building and hop the fence. Once inside the backyard I tune into my hearing. The third one up has one person who's sleeping. I look around to check for anyone that might see me.

'You're our alpha and we'll respect your choice but we are ready to charge in if need be.' Alice says sternly. Alex and the other two give the same agreement sounds. I check once more before taking two steps back and then charging forward. I push off the ground last second and get to the second floor onto a window that's under my target room. With much relief I see the curtains are closed on this room so I easily jump up one more time and break the window lock just by yanking up.

'Thank you. Now let me concentrate.'

I slip in quietly; the man on the couch is clearly a college student who fell asleep studying. A book is splayed open over his chest with pencil shavings around him and a notebook on the floor where his limp hand hangs over the couch.

I tip toe to the room and over to what looks like the closet. I see two tshirts in the very back so I snatch those before looking for some pants. I find a pair of basketball shorts and a dirty pair of joggers. I slip on one tshirt and the dirty joggers and hold the other two pieces of clothing in my hand as I slip out the window and jump down. I quickly scale the fence and dart into the woods where Leah was waiting; by the looks of it not so patiently.

"Jeez. What took you so long?" She scowls as she snatches the clothes out of my hand and stalks behind a tree to change.

"Oh sorry for dilly dallying in my birthday suit. I just you know decided to scale an apartment building naked for the fun of it." I throw back at her which makes her glare at me.

"No need for sarcasm." She defends herself.

"Then no need for your sass." I retort. She bites her tongue to keep from snapping back at an alpha. The only reason I'm not putting her in her place is because I know she is anxious to find the bastards that killed her mate. So once she finished changing we walk between the wanna be In n Out and the apartments.

People that had started getting up to go out in the town stare at our odd outfits. Neither of us have shoes or bras on, and in this day and age that's a no no.

We meander around before I finally catch a scent. I freeze and cause someone behind me to smack into me. They mutter profanities before shoving around me and walking faster while shaking their head angrily. Leah, noticing my stance tenses up.

"Follow me." I growl low before speed walking past the angry person and down a street to the left, then taking another left before a right. We walk straight for a while before I see a line of warehouses filled with trash. The bastards were hiding their trash like scent in legitimate trash.

"Sneaky little..." Leah growls out. I nod in response and quickly commit this place to memory. Attacking this place won't be easy, but we will do it.


By the time we make it back to the woods it's past lunch and almost dinner time. Instantly we are surrounded by the pack and my own pack.

Alpha Raven looks at Leah and I know they are communicating through the mind link pack members share.

"He wants o know if we found them." Leah says looking at me.

"Yes. We have. They hid their stench in actual trash in rotting warehouses." A couple annoyed growls are let loose which makes me smirk. "I told you. These rogues have a mission so they'll be smarter than most. They are pretty close to the main downtown so we will have to attack at night. So be ready my this time tomorrow." Barks and yips were sent out to let me know they understood. "Now lets go back." I take a step and fall onto all of my paws. With a quick howl I begin to run. Tyler on my right and Madelyn on his right, the twins were in my left as we ran.

An hour later I slid to a stop once entering the front yard to the pack house. Sophie, the young girl runs out with wide eyes. I yip to get her attention. She runs over to me in tears as she falls to her knees. I whine at her not liking her to cry as she wraps her arms around my neck. I quickly shift back into my human form.

"Sophie, love, what's wrong?" I say slowly and gently.

"I- I had a dr-dream and a ro-gue attacked a-a-and killed all of the kids." I frown. That's a random dream for her to have.

"It was just a dream. Everything's alright. Okay?" Sophia looks up at me with tears spilling over the edge. Alpha Raven and Leah were here at this point listening along with the rest of the warriors.

"B-but it fe-lt s-so real! And and th-the rogues we-re work-ing with th-the Hun-hunters!" She collapses onto me completely and sobs more. I rub her back and murmur quietly in her ear. I scoop her up and begin walking back to the house. Three little kids, the same that had tortured Alpha Raven this morning dodge out squealing as another older kid around ten follows with a cardboard sword in hand.

I take a step onto the porch when I get a whiff of trash. My stomach leaps into my throat as I spin towards where the kids are heading. My senses are the strongest so all anyone can smell or hear or see is me flipping out as i launch myself towards the kids. I drop Sophie and shout for the little ones to come back. They were too far.

The world goes in slow motion as I see a large dirt brown wolf launch himself into the air and onto the little kids. Alpha Raven at this point had smelled the rogues and was running towards them behind me. Sophie was screaming no and Leah let out a battle roar as she shifted to take out these monsters.

I see the rogue rip into the little girls stomach. She doesn't even scream, just silently cries. The older kid cries out and begins to pound at the wolf. The rogue snaps onto the kids arms. The other two little boys begin screaming and running towards us. Three more rogues jump out. I scream out and jump in the air to meet a gray and black one in mid jump. I grab its neck and slam it down into the ground. There is a small crater forming around its head. My canines and claws were growing.

"GRAB THE GODDÄMN KIDS!" I scream before ripping the wolf's throat out with my hand. Three more wolves jump out as the mothers snatch the two remaining kids out of the way; the two kids  were replaced with two of our warriors.

I see the ten year old writhing pain on the ground. So I begin to make my way towards him shifting into a wolf while tearing down all the rogues in my way. As I finally get to him he lets out his last breath along with the last rogues breath.

I let out a mournful howl up to the now dark sky. Slowly lowering my head I grab the kid gently by the shirt and walk over towards two pairs of parents, beside me is Leah carrying the little girls body. When they looking up the mothers let out a scream so horrible I can only whimper in response. I cannot imagine their pain. Seeing their children's body being carried back to them. Oh god. I gently lay him down at their feet before turning around and lifting my head back to howl once more. The howl that leaves my throat burns; it was soon followed by all members.

Lowering my head I see a man standing in the shadows. When he turns to run I see the tattooed 'h' on his shoulder. A hunter.

They were working together? Shit. Sophie was right.

Which means Sophie is the next oracle.

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