The Past Becomes Clearer. Part 70

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13th January 2017 All Rights Reserved.

This part had to be re-edited and changed somewhat to fit with another time line. I hope it makes sense after reading it again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Lyn

Sarah's POV...

" So why exactly are you here for?" Peter suddenly asked Micah.

" Someone's been killing off the Joifield family systematically over the years and we want to know who and why?" Micah sat back and bluntly blurted that bit of news out.

We watched as the others in the room all froze at the words that Micah blithely threw out there in answer to peter Finley's question.

" Killing the Joifield's. But Why? And how? " Henry asked in a stunned voice.

" That's one of the things we are searching the answers for." Reid went on to say to them quietly. 

" And you know this, how?" Peter asked as he leant back on his couch and crossed one of his ankles over his knee as he gazed at Micah before moving to glance at Reid. 

" It started long before Rupert was born. The ledgers..." Micah started to say before Peter suddenly sat upright and looked at Micah. It happened so fast that even Celia was a little shocked at how quickly her husband sat forward. 

" You have those ledgers? The Joifield ledgers? The seven Joifield account ledgers? " He burst out in what sounded like a shocked voice. 

That was interesting. He knew exactly what we meant by the mention of the ledgers which were about the Joifield's. But what caused us to frown was that he mentioned that there were seven and not the six that Florence found and we now have in our possession. 

" How do you know about the ledgers?" Micah asked as he stood in front of the man who just shocked us. 

Reid and Jaxon had stood up as well when Peter started to mention the damn books. Those ledgers that the others have been trying to understand what they were. 

But Peter just gave a big sigh and looked up at Micah before standing up and after a moment, he left the room. We weren't sure what to expect when he did that. But when he came back we were even more surprised. He had a ledger in his hand. One that looked a bit newer than the ones we have in our possession. 

" This one I err.. manage to come across some years ago." He started to say ah he held the book in his hands before looking up. 

" It mentions that there were seven previous ledgers. It also mentions that the other seven had dates, times and identified the Joifields throughout the last couple of hundred years as the ones with 'The Midas Touch' and nearly all of the males have become either filthy rich or very wealthy in everything they do." He was saying as he still looked down at the book in his hands. 

" How did you get it?" I asked him wondering what his connection is with this whole thing. 

I glanced at both Henry and Alice who didn't look upset or worried about this development at all. It was like they knew about it. 

" I actually stole it to be honest." He suddenly said which had his daughter gasp in shock as we watched as her father ran a hand through his hair as he glanced at his wife. 

" And you taught me not to steal and you admit you're a thief. That's not a good example, Daddy is it? No, it's not. Poor taste. That's what it is, poor taste. I am so disappointed in you Daddy. Disappointed." She said as she shook her head at her father. 

" Stop being an idiot, Mellisandria. It's unbecoming of you." Celia dryly said to her.

" Who did you steal it from?" Reid went on to ask after Melly finished running her mouth off at her father. 

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