Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I gave a small yelp and then fell out of the bed. Whoever was in the bed moved. I waited until Nick peeked over the edge of the bed, but it wasn’t Nick. I stared up at the person in disbelief.

Drew was the person looking down at me with a frown. Please tell me nothing happened. How did I even end up with Drew? I was with Nick the whole night. Does that mean that I’m in Drew’s dorm.

I looked around and noticed that it wasn’t Michael’s dorm like I had originally thought. It’s definitely Drew’s dorm. Speaking of Drew, he’s just been laying there staring at me.

“Please tell me nothing happened,” I begged.

He smirked. “Nothing happened. There was just a lot of making-out, you wouldn’t let it go farther than that.”

My stomach dropped out. How drunk was I? “Drew, how did I end up here?”

“Well you got drunk, and I mean really drunk.” He gave me a smirk before continuing, “You were grinding with Nick a lot. He went to grab another drink from the kitchen when his ex showed up. I thought you were free game from there.”

“And I hardly noticed,” I muttered. I looked back up at Drew. “Drew, I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Not being considerate.”

“No sweat, I mean I liked what I got, even if you didn’t realize it was me.”

My stomach did another flip and I felt like throwing up. It could be that I feel bad or that I have a hangover. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I puked and I could hear Drew laughing from his bed.

“It’s not funny,” I called to him as I puked.

“Yes it is,” he called back.

I wiped my mouth with a towel when I was done and sat near the toilet. I heard the springs on the bed creek when Drew moved on the bed. Drew stopped in the doorway. He frowned down on me and reached out his hand. Who knew the jerk could be nice too.

I took his hand. “Thanks, Drew.”

“No problem. I think we should get you back to Michael’s, though.” I nodded.

Drew helped me walk back to Michael’s. I almost fell twice and had to stop to throw up in a trashcan. We had to switch buildings and it was bright outside, too bright. When I knocked Nick came to the door in his boxers.

“Someone got lucky,” Drew said before giving Nick a “guy hug”.

“Yeah they did,” Nick chuckled.

“I hate to break up the party but if I don’t get to the toilet I will puke on you,” I said, Nick moved out of my way.

I dashed to the bathroom and puked my guts out. Somewhere in the middle someone came to hold my hair back. I leaned my head on the toilet.

“You done,” Michael’s voice said. He was holding my hair back, how nice.

“Over all, no. For now, yes.” He picked me up and held me like you would a child.

He carried me to his bed and tucked me in. Then a glass of water and some type of medicine was shoved in my face. It’s probably something to make the headache go away. I really hate headaches.

“I should’ve stopped her,” Michael said.

“Like you said it wasn’t our fault, it was yours,” Drew retorted, I could almost hear the smirk in his voice.

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