Everything in Sky's life was finally coming together. She had finally established her career in her dream field, after hopping through so many obstacles just to get the degree required for it. Most importantly, she had just finalized the adoption of the toddler she'd been caring for since the state received care of her at six weeks old. What Sky didn't expect was for the biological father to come searching for her baby girl after his earrelease from prison.

At twenty seven, Dave was living the dream, his dream that is. As a point guard for OKC he had everything he could think of. From a solid group of friends, money, to whatever girl he wanted. That included his college sweetheart Taylor. He was more than happy to find out that she was pregnant with their first child. All of that is quickly turned on him when a careless mistake lands him behind bars.

Two years later, he only has one thing on his mind once he's finally released from prison and that's to find his baby girl.


This story is a revamped version of my 2 Complicated series. There will be a lot of the same character names, but majority of the story will be different. In this story I am using Dave East as the main character, but my version of him is very fictional.

I do not own any of the pictures used in this story unless stated otherwise. If you are curious on who plays who just ask and I will gladly give you their information.

Also, this story is completely fictional and straight from my mind/imagination. I do not give anyone permission to share/distribute this story as their own. Thank you all for reading and for the support.

Enjoy the story! - Alisha

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