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I'm Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse the many errors.


~~~Tyler's POV~~~

By the end of the week, my stitches were ready to come out. Bo, being the stubborn guy he is, refused to let me go to school, and unfortunately, Stark had backed him up on that. However, when Bo tried to stay home with me, Stark had been adamant against that, so I spent four long days sitting by myself in the living room, watching movie after movie.

I hated the idea of getting really behind in school, but luckily Bo brought home the work I missed every day. Then, he and I would spend a couple hours in my room, working on all the homework. It was fun, but chemistry didn't allow much "bonding", and by the time we would finish with the schoolwork, I'd end up falling asleep.

Unfortunately, no school also meant no date, but tonight I got the stitches taken out of my back, and Bo promised tonight would be the night.

Having the stitches taken out didn't hurt; it just felt weird. I felt Fletcher's mom, who I learned to be named Trina, pulling the plastic thread out of the cuts. She told me I still had to be a bit more careful for the next 48 hours until the cuts were fully healed. That didn't mean I wasn't running around the pack house, slightly freaking out about my date tonight.

If you don't remember, I spent my prime teenage years locked in a cellar being tortured; I have no experience with dating.

So now here I was, my hair and body wrapped in a towel, standing in front of my dresser trying to figure out what to wear. I had no idea what to wear; casual, fancy, semi-fancy? I'd been staring at the same open drawer of T-shirts for a while, when all of a sudden, someone burst through my door. I whipped around to see Fae and Dot standing there, giant grins on their faces and a bundle of clothes in their arms.

"We have the perfect outfit!" exclaimed Fae, and Dot squealed in excitement. For one so tough during training, Fae could actually be pretty girly. On more than one occasion, Dot and I had served as her human Barbies.

"Do you guys know where he's taking me?" I asked. Bo had given me no hint, and it was kind of driving me insane. The girls exchanged a knowing look, and I groaned. "You're not going to tell me, are you?" I asked grumpily.

"Nope," replied Dot, and she dumped the clothes on my bed. "Fae and I are just here to make you look dazzling!" She grabbed my shoulders and steered me over to my desk chair, where she pushed me roughly down. "Now don't move."

After an hour later, my butt was completely numb, but the girls were done with my makeup and hair, which of course they hadn't let me see. Fae smiled at Dot and said to me, "Time to get dressed."

Finally I got to see the outfit Dot had so lovingly been arranging on my bed, and now maybe I would have some idea as to where he was taking me. I walked over to the bed and the corners of my mouth curved up into a smile; the outfit was indeed perfect. They'd laid out a white long-sleeve dress with bell sleeves and a thin woven leather belt that would be wrapped loosely around my waist. To finish off the outfit, there was a pair of dark brown suede boots, with no heel thank god.

I made Fae and Dot turn around so they couldn't see me, and I quickly changed into the dress and shoes, being extra careful not to mess up my hair or makeup. "Alright, you can turn back around." Fae and Dot obliged, and then they simultaneously gasped.

"You look..." Dot's voice trailed off, and I frowned at her.

"I look how?" I asked, but they both just shook their heads. I panicked and pushed past them into the bathroom across the hall. I peered into the full length mirror on the wall and gasped. Dot used a curling iron and styled my hair to glossy perfection while Fae had painted my lips a light pink and my eyelids an earthy green. The dress clung to my body in all the right places, showing me a figure I never knew I had.

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